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  1. thanks Dylan but since the intakes on the model are very small I will not be able to do both black and white should I just paint the inside white as well or black way inside if I can get a brush in there, anyway while I am here I do have another question for you have you built this model before if so you know the kit is white already what color primer should I use for the cock pit area sine it will be painted light gray Ronald
  2. Hi guys you'll have been very helpful with information on the Dash 8 I have another question for you what color would appropriate for the intake behind the prop and top back part on the engine since it is a model and the instructions are terrible they do not help in any way regarding painting the model Ronald
  3. ok thanks again Ben Ronald
  4. LOL ok Ben thanks Ronald
  5. Hello there would any one know where to find info on the color of most airliner wheels when the airliner is stationary Ronald
  6. ok thanks Dylan Ronald
  7. hello there would like to know if there are detail sets for 1/144 737-300 airliner kits or can a certain brand fit another of the same scale and airliner Ronald
  8. hello there to anyone who built the H.C. 1/72 Dash 8 how did you do the wheel well or lack of a wheel what color did you paint that area and how di you dealt with the seem any information would be most helpful Ronald
  9. HI Ben I know this is an old post and was written 2009 but I would like to know if you can answer thes questions you said you flew a dash 8 could you tell me what color the instrument panel was along with seats and arm rest, also when you did the model how did you dealt with the wheel well or lack of what color do you paint the wheel well, reason I am asking is I have this kit and would like to try one more time at doing it with out messing it up thank you Ronald
  10. thanks John I did not know that the thread was old I have not been on here in a while, sorry I forgot to mention my F14A tomcat is a 1/48 scale Tamiya kit so I do not have to sand it out it is part of the canopy I heard that on you tube Flory models I forgot the host name but he was reviewing the kit and mention that just wanted to make sure Ronald
  11. so the strip is part of the canopy and not a seem to be sanded in a F14 model kit Ronald
  12. Hello there what is the long looking line on top of the canopy if the F14 tomcat is it part the aircraft or a seem to be removed on a model of the tomcat thank you
  13. Hello there has anyone heard of the kit company called DOYUSHA if so do you know if their airliner kits like the 1/100 scale L1011 comes with English instructions or not
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