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  1. Yes! My stash hovers at about 195-200 kits...I just turned 50. So, if I build just 5 kits a year, I will finish them by 89-90 years old. 😬
  2. Here's a whole bunch of ENOLA GAY bomb bay photos. Showing the unique bomb cradle, bench seat, and door fins: https://aafradio.org/NASM/Bomb_bays.htm
  3. I found the photo on line somewhere while digging up research on ENOLA GAY, that photo is from the interior of ENOLA GAY.
  4. Brenden, the opening above the "2" is an Emergency Escape hatch. I'm sure those guys popped it open all the time once on deck, as hot as it must've been inside. here's a shot of BOCKS CAR with it shown open as well: Here's a photo of it from the inside:
  5. Dedfinitely had the "R" on the tail for the mission flight. This pic shows her taxing into the hardstand post mission, note the "P" tail of the aircraft in the hardstand next to her, and the reception party in jeeps, and vehicles (Dodge WC57) standing by. Here she is shut down, with aircraft 83/"P" parked nextdoor. There is film footage out there of them pre-mission and returning as well, showing the "R" on the tail.
  6. ...yeah, he is. Builds strictly OOB, and 1/144 🔍
  7. OK, for the red, don't go with FS11136, that's "Insignia Red" and will be too dark...I get a feeling you know that already. The red the Navy used was a "day glo" red used on SAR birds, and other utility aircraft such as target tugs/drone launchers, etc. Though I have never found a proper FS number for it. I recently built a DC-130 drone launcher and ran into the same issue of trying to find the proper "red" for the tail, as shown in the photos here: Some folks, and some paint guides, will tell you "International Orange" ( FS12197) but in this photo you can see the tail of the DC-130 is not the same color as the BQM-34 drone painted in Int. Orange: What I went with, was plain ol' Tamiya "Flat Red" (XF-7). A little semi gloss coat for decals and sealing over the decals, and it looks like what I wanted. BTW, the red stripes on the wings are "Insignia Red" (FS11136) and you can see the difference between them and the tail color. In the meantime, "Mr.Paint" (MRP) has released a bottle of the proper red: I know the bottle says "Insignia Red for US Navy Training & Artic Camo" but it is NOT FS11136, they have a separate bottle in their line for that. I think they should remove that from the label to avoid confusion but, what can you do...🤷‍♂️You can get it here: https://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/mrp002xxx.htm Or seeing that you're in GB, I believe Hannant's carries the line as well. Good luck with your build! Looking forward to seeing photos posted up....and yes, the overall color should indeed be the engine gray (FS16081) 👍
  8. I like the sound of that!
  9. Hey, thanks man! I'm thinking of doing one of the -3M test birds from Pax, pretty basic in the markings but I'd like to put those funky looking early Sparrow missiles, painted orange on it.
  10. Hey thanks Tommy! Excellent gouge as always.
  11. Cool! Really looking forward to the Early F-16 sheet...I think that'll motivate me to start a project I've wanted to do for a long time. Thanks for including the Israeli and Iranian flags...definitely a first!
  12. A few more progress pics here. I found some shots of the ejection seat on my phone, just to give an idea of the whole of it. The kit exhausts are really crappy looking, so I'm replacing those with a couple of spare Hasegawa A-4 exhaust pipes mated with the kit nozzle interiors. The kit arresting hook is a mess, so I cut away the hook "point" (??) and replaced it with the end from an old Airfix EA-6B kit. I decided to get the vertical stabs in place prior to joining the fuselage sections, as it was apparent some filling and sanding would be in order and it would be easier to handle without the nose section in the way. Gap filling with plastic sheet/bits. Putty to follow. Something to note if you find yourself building one of these and feeling more ambitious than myself...The wing slats come as separate parts displayed in the extended/drooped position. Like Hasegawa's A-4 Skyhawk kits, the wings are molded with "slat wells", that "lip" towards the leading edge should not be there, slats don't work that way... You could correct the issue easy enough I suppose by doing the same as you can with the Hasegawa A-4, cut the areas away and re-position them along the leading edge and fill the gap for a smooth transition into the upper wing area. I didn't do the mod but it looks like it wouldn't have been very difficult. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'll be spending the afternoon filling and sanding the vert stabs. Cheers 🍺
  13. Alright cool! I wasn't sure if the Lone Star 'pit was still available or not...then figured, meh, it's got some p/e in there to dress it up some ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm not going to try and fix the nose any, I'm not enough of an expert on the F7U to even know what is wrong with it. BTW, I did see a Collect Aire forward fuselage replacement set on eBay...yeah, not paying what they're asking. 😵
  14. That's right folks, the "ELITE" edition of the Hobbycraft F7U Cutlass 😳...that makes it only about 3% nicer that the heap of parts you get in the regular boxing of the kit. I've always liked Naval Air jets of the 50s, it's my favorite section of the National Museum of Naval Aviation (NMNA) down there in Pensacola. I used to live down that way and worked in Air Ops just up the road from the joint. When our local club would host the "Blue Angel Model Fest" we'd go set up on the Friday night before, and they'd let us climb into the cockpits of the aircraft...and if you wanted to get in the F7U, your butt was climbing high! I sat in it once, and just had to build one. I picked up this kit at "John's Models" around that time, back in the early 2000s or so. The Elite boxing comes with some p/e made by Airwaves, and then some white metal landing gear. I'll probably use the nose landing gear since the tire bogey is separate and I can pose it turned slightly. The p/e for the instrument face and side consoles is pretty nice, though I did substitute the throttles for my own scratch built ones, along with a landing gear control lever, and added punched out dial faces from Mike Grant Decals. I replaced the stick portion of the control column with a spare Hasegawa A-4 control stick...the kit one is way over sized and clunky looking. The ejection seat is bare bones, but a couple of p/e parts make up the cage like frame structure of it along with belts. I did add a few bits from the spares box to dress up the back side of the seat and headrest area. I painted the cockpit area Tamiya German Grey (XF-63), and NATO Black (XF-69). The seat is painted Tamiya Field Grey (XF-65), with a Khaki (XF-49) seat cushion. The area behind the cockpit is also void of any detail. The canopy is made to slide (though I'm not sure it would make the trip if you look at the pic below...) but I have a Squadron vac canopy I'll be replacing the overly thick kit glass with and posing it open. I filled in the sliding slot and dressed up the area with spare bits of plastic and p/e. While waiting for the forward fuselage section to set up and dry, I managed to get the aft section top and bottom halves glued together. A little filling and rescribing back in the aft area, and she's all set. After it was dry, I decided to notch out the wing tip nav lights and make some out of clear sprue. With both main fuselage sections complete, my next move will be to get them joined up.
  15. I like the sound of that! I know that "Yellow Wings" did a F9C Sarrowhawk sheet that I scoffed up right away! Nice kits...REALLY old decals!
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