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  1. @ElectroSoldier As posted above, the BUFF master set BMR 72005 has the tanks to convert the Monogram kit.
  2. Distortion maybe, but it was also aligned on the mat to compensate. Nevertheless, I rummaged through the boxes again and compared the tanks more closely, the BUFF Master tank is not a direct copy of the AMT tank (blue outline and below) nor of Golden Dragon's. . AMT's tank: diameter 12 mm, lenght of tank is 93 mm with a mid section that appears cylindrical for approx 40 mm (on your picture 2" line to 3.5" line) BMR 72005 tank: diameter 11.2 mm - length is 87.5 mm Also, BMR's tank has different panel lines, a different silhouette of the tip and of the pylon (steeper leading edge), which is also thicker, it measures 5 mm whereas AMT's is only 4 mm. I hope we will really find a conclusion on which tank is best or at least on how it really looks. Taking measurements on the real thing would be indeed very beneficial. The B-52G at Hill AFB museum is very accessible and the staff there seemed very helpful. Unfortunately on my last stop there I just had half an hour before I had to continue my trip to the airport. But I surely hope I will get another chance on one of my next business trips to the states. BMR to my knowledge is from Salt Lake City, so hopefully he already checked his dimensions on the real thing so close by.
  3. I went through my stash, here’s the Buffmaster resin tank (above) from the Monogram conversion kit compared to AMT‘s (below)
  4. Well, after looking through several photos of the original, I don´t find the rear instrument cover too far off, but the canopy framing seems to be too far to the rear. http://www.airliners.net/open.file/915906/L/ maybe you can vac-form a new canopy?
  5. Yes, they did: http://www.pioneer.net/~fitzrr/zell.jpg http://www.bw-flyer.de/neu/geschwader/luft...abog32/zell.jpg http://www.b-domke.de/AviationImages/F104ZELL.html Thundervett: really great work!! You mentioned adding the fuel tanks, but you forgot the fact you also added the mockup nuclear bomb to the centerline pylon :blink: EDIT: I fond a link to a quicktime video: http://www.airandspacemagazine.com/ASM/Web...F104Launch.html
  6. Thanks for that, David! Unfortunately I had that drawing already and I doubt it is entirely reliable. I enlarged it up to 1/72 scale and the engines appear even a bit smaller than the AMT ones, which obviously are too small already. By the way: you can find a larger Version here: http://www.airwar.ru/other/draw/b52h.html
  7. The heavies GB got me I have both, AMTs B-52H and Monograms B-52D kit... First look I´d prefer to convert the good ol' Monogram kit instead of going straight on with AMT. What's your opinion? Can anyone provide a source for reliable drawings? Of course the engines are of special interest. I own the detail&scale book and squadrons walkaround but still missing a good 3- or 4-view drawing Thanks in advance!
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