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  1. Also if your going to write the amount on it make clear what currency it is as they will just assumes its GBP, got a £20 vat bill for a testors SR-71 with used CE exhausts... Jamie
  2. Now Sold. thanks Been messed about on ebay with this so its back up for sale 1/48 YF-12 Package for your money you get Italeri 1/48 YF-12A YF-12 A Blackbird Interceptor With Cutting Edge Resin Exhausts, True Details Cockpit and Wheel set The exhausts have had the casting blocks removed and the RSO panel has been removed as well, other wise all in perfect conditon The kit decals look pretty knackered, but the serials don't look to bad, so i've included a set from the Italeri SR-71 kit for some spares Any questions please ask £85 inc first class recorded delivery or special delivery yo
  3. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270738911621&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT Thanks Jamie
  4. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...=STRK:MESELX:IT Thanks Jamie
  5. Prices reduced, abit. Also open to offers or trade for 1/35 Armour
  6. Small sale, to make room for more tanks Postage at cost, About £1.50-£2.50 for one the £0.50-£1.00 extra per kit or cheaper, Paypal only please Also open to reasonable offers 1/72 Hase F-106 delta dart, missing 1 taill decal, but parts still sealed in bags 72470, £5.00 Was £6.00 Hase F-100 supersaber, complete and unstarted £5.00 Was £7.00 Hase A-37A/B Dragonfly, complete and unstarted £5.00 Was £7.00 Hase BAC Lightning F.6 complete and unstarted with airwaves etch set £10.00 PENDING Italeri Bell UH-1B Huey still sealed £5.00 Airfix, all complete and unstarted Hurricane
  7. sweaty


    Looks like they have sold out now, gone to "available", i got 2 but wanted 1 more, That leaves me with 3 total Jamie
  8. sweaty


    I've ordered one, but theres nothing on the Italeri website. Maybe they found a box full? Who knows... Jamie
  9. What about an aircraft carrier? Been looking at a lusty in the window of my LHS for months Jamie
  10. I sold a AYEPHONE on ebay last year to someone in austria, they said they never received it. I lost the phone and maybe the £380. But i transfered the funds the moment they hit my paypal account into my bank. im now being phoned daily and threatened with court. Every time they phone i just asked if they have my phone when they say no i tell them to F*** off and don't phone untill you have, because i want either the phone or the money.. guees il be going to county court soon. Jamie
  11. Cracking stuff as always Honza. What airbrush/paints do you use your skill never fail to impress me. All the best Jamie
  12. http://www.hasegawausa.com/suggest-a-model.html Here ya go HTH
  13. Lo mate, nice to see you over here. As ever your painting skills are a proper bit of alright ;) . You should post up some of your Sci-Fi work mate the Falcon is unbelievably good :D . All the best Jamie
  14. How many here also use the same card for Paypal? that had moneys stolen. Jamie
  15. You have Comet Miniatures in batteresa http://www.comet-miniatures.com/ And The Avation Hobby Shop in West Drayton http://www.tahs.com/ To be honest thats about all i can think of ATM HTH Jamie
  16. Investigations are still on-going but so far no problem area or trace of illegal entry can be found anywhere. We have partially re-opened the website though we are still not accepting orders. We have done this is so you can use all the other parts of the site. We will add more information here as soon as we can and also we will send it by email. Please be sure you are on the emailing list if you have not yet received an email from us. Websites back up
  17. true i changed it to some, ive got 3 cards regestered on there, 1 credit 1 debit and a old debit card, not to worried as i canceled the debit card for another reason a couple of weeks ago, so its just the credit card which has now been canceled even though no one tryed to take anything from it. Will still use them though, as i honestly don't believe its their fault. all the best jamie
  18. maybe Clearing bank compromised, hannants customers affected all the best jamie EDIT: Clearing bank compromised, some hannants customers affected
  19. How about changing the topic tilte, seems a bit unfair if its not hannants fault
  20. As said above thats a very nice finish on the paint, i built this kit eariler this year with the same markings. I don't know if im to late but i did the same as you put the weapon pylons on before the decals and it made it a bit tricky getting the under wings ones on, just something to be aware off. All the best Jamie
  21. I think most people would be happy to cover shipping for a gift like that, as said above its your todo as you wish with jamie
  22. Hi, i really like where your taking this, its brilliant. I'm really looking forward to you painting this and the decals you've chosen. All the best jamie
  23. She was just hiding it for a quick snack later in the evening. what's the big deal?
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