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  1. I'm rescribing a C-130 in preparation for a coat of Blue Angels Blue - nice airshow quality finish. It's a long term project in between waiting on other work to dry.
  2. So I'm finally to the point where I feel comfortable sanding off raised panel lines, laying down Dymo tape, and scribing away. It's actually coming along well, and I laid down some M4. Surfacer 1000 over my handiwork to see how it looks. I can't lie, I'm pleased. But, I still have some evidence of my sanding left on either side of the panel lines. I polished with 12000 grit, but really didn't see a change at all. Ideas?
  3. laval66

    1/48 Fat Albert

    Brilliant! I have that sheet awaiting a kit, and figured that it's worth looking out for a good deal on the necessary kit/aftermarket
  4. laval66

    1/48 Fat Albert

    The topic says it all - If I wanted to build a 1/48 Fat Albert C-130T, how would I go about doing that? The Italeri C-130J? What mods would be in order?
  5. I really just need the Afghan roundels, but let me know if you're willing to part with this. - E
  6. Title says it all - I'm looking for a 1/48 CF-188 kit, preferably a Hasegawa version, since I have decals sized for the tails. PM me if you have one to sell/trade.
  7. Nice! Now to clear room on the shelf...
  8. So I have a soft spot for 1/48 reconnaissance aircraft. I've always wanted to make the EA-3B, but there was no way I could afford (or adequately build) the Collect Aire version. Has anyone heard of potential conversion kits for the Trumpeter offering to make the EA-3B?
  9. I absolutely love your decals, and I just wish that I could continue to support your art with this sheet. But you missed by a year, when I finally gave up on getting Arabic/English stencils for my Omani F-16 build!! In all seriousness, keep up the awesome sheets. Hopefully the timing works next time!
  10. It's tempting, but dropping $20+ all for a few roundels is a little steep for me. I'm hoping that someone has a sheet like that and doesn't want those! :)
  11. I'm currently working on an Mi-24, and planning on following up with a Mig-21. I'm going with the idea that mis-sized is a-ok, so long as it's 1/48 scale. After all, the Northern Alliance didn't have a ton of standards.
  12. So I'm trying to do a Northern Alliance build. My plan is to turn it into a diorama with some soldiers, pilots, and a beat-up runway. However, I can't get a hold of any Northern Alliance roundels to put on the birds. I've got the Linden Hills decals, but the red is nearly pink, which is definitely not good. Does anyone have any spare 1/48 roundels to trade? Laval66
  13. I'm looking for three Afghan roundels that someone might be able to spare. I'm working in 1/48 scale, and am hoping that someone out there has extras from the Afterburner Decals Mig-21 sheet, but any others are welcomed! The Linden Hills examples that I have have made the red way too pink.
  14. I'm building an Mi-24. Those roundels would be great, but that sheet is WAY too much to get for just those three pieces.
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