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  1. Hey Larry. I still have them in my photobucket files. Unless I did something I'm not aware of, I don't know why they aren't showing up. Any thought's?
  2. Check some of my earlier post. Most of them have to do with what I have done so far with the interior. Thanks!
  3. It's pages from the "book" I'm doing showing the build. I'm doing this so when I display the model, folks can see the construction process. BW
  4. Good morning everyone, This post is the start of the 40MM. The kit only comes with the barrel and flash hider which is attached like the 105MM, to the gun port pressure seal. From start to completion, a 100% scratch-built 1/48th scale L60 Bofors 40MM Cannon! As always, thanks for looking. Cheers! Bob Waltman
  5. Good morning everyone, Here's the completed 105MM. Overall painting and weathering was done with Tamiya acrylics. The details were painted with Vallejo acrylics. All of the decals are odds and ends from the ol spare decal box :D/> Cheers!
  6. Thanks! As for my reference, I was part of the test team back in 1991 at Edwards AFB. I kept all of my old unclassified T.O.'s and I was also able to take tons of photos. Since then and for the past 17 years I have been involved with training the current aircrews so I get to be on the thing at a minimum of at least once a week. Unfortunately, other than the Squadron book, there really isn't that much accurate info out there on the market so being a former crew member and current trainer constantly around the 1 to 1 scale version really helps. Cheers!
  7. Thanks Austin. Love the work you've done on your helos. Great job!
  8. Hey everyone, This post is the start of the 105MM (lots of pics!). The kit only comes with the barrel and blast diffuser which is attached outside to the gun port pressure seal and the piece is not very accurate. Makes it a b***h when you want to open the thing up! So from start to completion, a 100% scratch-built 1/48th scale 105MM Howitzer! The next post will be the piece painted, decaled and weathered. As always, thanks for looking. BTW, I kind of hated painting the thing... :D/> Cheers! Bob Waltman
  9. Hey everyone. For my next installment on the build, it's the Right Scanner's compartment. As with everything else on/in this kit, all of it had to be re-worked (window) and scratch-built (compartment). Once again, thanks for looking. Cheers! Bob W
  10. Hey Jeff. Yes it's me. Been quiet for a while in the area of modeling but I'm ready to kick it back into gear with the Gunship. Hope all is well! Cheers! BW
  11. Hello all. Since I started this project a while ago and I am currently over half way done with the 'ol girl I can make regular post for a while. This latest post is on my initial start of the interior (plus one more exterior shot). There is still a lot of wiring, piping and hoses that have to be attached to various areas of the fuselage interior but this is what I have so far. BTW, I hope the pics are better than last time :D/> Thanks for looking. Cheers! Bob Waltman
  12. Hey Joe, good to hear from you. Yes, I think this one will surpass the "H" model. Lot's of more detail! I've had to scratch-build 95% of the interior which I'll be posting pics of in the upcoming days. Cheers!
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