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  1. I'm sitting in the front row to enjoy the show!!!
  2. I've been missing for a while here but I'm glad to see that quality is always high. Good work, I will use you as a guide for a similar subject!
  3. As your usual, you have completed a great model, it is always a pleasure to see models so well cared for!!!
  4. Thanks again for your compliment! Elevators are OOB, I have made no changes to the thickness, indeed the photos give a thicker perception. Thank you for your opinion.
  5. Definitely a great model! My only regret is not seeing many models made by you!!!!!!
  6. Thank your for your comments, they are always welcome and appreciated!
  7. Hasegawa 1/48, Eduard photo etched and ladder, decals of the new Fights on Decal, Aerobonus figures with some modifications and Verlinden EPU tractor.I hope you like it!
  8. Thank you for the appreciation! :) The figurines are both Aerobonus but I modified them to fit on the diorama.
  9. Is the first time that I also paint the figurines, as a first experience I am satisfied, maybe I'll paint more of them :)
  10. I am now near the end! The model is complete and also the main elements of the diorama, I'm completing "tarmac" when I will paste the template will declare it really finished! :)/>
  11. Hi, as I have already said to other modelers who have asked this to me, in most of the models I do not use masks, and even then I did not use anything. I painted in freehand with a good dilution, low pressure and remaining close to the model with my airbrush. Thank you for your appreciation! :)/>
  12. Many thanks guys! :worship: In a few days I will be able to post new updates, the model is also well almost completed and I am working on a simple diorama to be attached to it! :)
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