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  1. hooknladderno1

    HH-3F Article by Randy Rothhaar?

    Anyone have a copy of this article? Maurizio and Chris (Chief Snake) referenced the article, but I've been unable to locate it... Thanks in advance for any assistance! David
  2. hooknladderno1

    1/48 HH-3F

    Maurizio, I have been away from this forum for a while, but was pleasantly surprised to see your build thread! Remarkable! I love the USCG livery and have long wanted todo an HH3F conversion! Your step by step thread is the perfect guide! I too have only1 Hasegawa kit. I have attempted to get an Attic Resin kit without success... Funds are non-existent currently to purchase a second kit. I look forward to additional updates! David
  3. hooknladderno1

    WTD: 1/32 EC135, EC145, BK117 parts

    John, Great builds as always! Been away from building rotorcraft for a while. Just jumped back on the forum here. Fantastic progress! One of these days I'll drag my projects out and get something done! Oh look, a squirrel! David
  4. hooknladderno1

    A Little Help Please...

    Troy, Thanks for the help! Now that I know what it is, I guess it will become a "What if" project! Since none probably made to firefighting service, a little "artistic license will be ok... Thanks again! David
  5. hooknladderno1

    A Little Help Please...

    Hi Gang, I need a little help. At our recent club show, someone left several models on the table that they had brought to sell. This was one of them. As I am not very knowledgable on WW2 aircraft, could someone assist with identification? I am in the process of crafting a water tank for it to become a fire tanker. As if after being retired from military service, it was pressed into wild fire service. I have no idea of what the water outlets on such an aircraft would look like. Thus far, I am taking Evergreen sheet and Apoxyscupt to craft the tank. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! David
  6. hooknladderno1

    AgustaWestland AW 139 1/48 scale, which can fly

    Very nice! Was this a scratchbuild, kitbash, or r/c kit? Looks promising as there are no 139 kits,available that I am aware of. David
  7. hooknladderno1

    Army helicopter crews

    Norbert, Simply amazing! David
  8. Hi Guys, I am planning some LA County Fire Department helicopter projects and am in need of INTERIOR reference photos! I have accumulated several exterior shots, but have been unable to locate any close up interior ones. I plan on doing some of the older Hueys, Bell 412's and the newer Firehawks. I plan on different scales(smaller for dioramas, larger for individual display). The only one that I recall seeing was Michael from Austria's stunning Firehawk model in 1/35! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. David
  9. hooknladderno1

    EC-135 East Anglian Air Ambulance

    Michael, Another beautiful and well executed build! If you are ever in need of photos of an EC-135 P2(Air Methods) with a Metro Aviation interior, I have them. It was my "office" for 7 years. Look forward to seeing more of your fantastic work! David
  10. Please PM me if you have one for sale or trade! Thank you! David
  11. hooknladderno1

    1/24 Norscot Chevrolet Silverado

    Splendid job! Great build and excellent "step by step" photos! David
  12. hooknladderno1

    32nd BK-117 B2 "Westpac Rescue"

    Anthony, Great to see this back on the bench! The tail rotor looks great! Your attention to detail and methodical adaptation to challenges has inspired many - myself included! David
  13. hooknladderno1

    Army helicopter crews

    Norbert, I have been away from the forum and just saw this thread. I am speechless! AMAZING! The realism and level of detail is just incredible! I am sure to join the long line of people wanting some of these! Fine craftsmanship! David
  14. hooknladderno1

    Trumpeter HH-65C 1/35 in march

    Jennings, I agree! Probably in the minority, but I would even welcome 1/35 or 1/32... David
  15. hooknladderno1

    UH-1Y vs. Bell 412?

    I saw a post where Kitty Hawk is coming out with a UH-1Y. Just wondering what the differences are between the two? I was going to buy a Belcher Bits conversion set, but am curious as to what you rotorheads can tell me? Thanks in advance! David