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  1. Hi Maurizio, Any updates on this fantastic build? David
  2. Anyone have a copy of this article? Maurizio and Chris (Chief Snake) referenced the article, but I've been unable to locate it... Thanks in advance for any assistance! David
  3. Maurizio, I have been away from this forum for a while, but was pleasantly surprised to see your build thread! Remarkable! I love the USCG livery and have long wanted todo an HH3F conversion! Your step by step thread is the perfect guide! I too have only1 Hasegawa kit. I have attempted to get an Attic Resin kit without success... Funds are non-existent currently to purchase a second kit. I look forward to additional updates! David
  4. John, Great builds as always! Been away from building rotorcraft for a while. Just jumped back on the forum here. Fantastic progress! One of these days I'll drag my projects out and get something done! Oh look, a squirrel! David
  5. Troy, Thanks for the help! Now that I know what it is, I guess it will become a "What if" project! Since none probably made to firefighting service, a little "artistic license will be ok... Thanks again! David
  6. Hi Gang, I need a little help. At our recent club show, someone left several models on the table that they had brought to sell. This was one of them. As I am not very knowledgable on WW2 aircraft, could someone assist with identification? I am in the process of crafting a water tank for it to become a fire tanker. As if after being retired from military service, it was pressed into wild fire service. I have no idea of what the water outlets on such an aircraft would look like. Thus far, I am taking Evergreen sheet and Apoxyscupt to craft the tank. Any help would be appreciated. Tha
  7. Very nice! Was this a scratchbuild, kitbash, or r/c kit? Looks promising as there are no 139 kits,available that I am aware of. David
  8. Hi Guys, I am planning some LA County Fire Department helicopter projects and am in need of INTERIOR reference photos! I have accumulated several exterior shots, but have been unable to locate any close up interior ones. I plan on doing some of the older Hueys, Bell 412's and the newer Firehawks. I plan on different scales(smaller for dioramas, larger for individual display). The only one that I recall seeing was Michael from Austria's stunning Firehawk model in 1/35! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. David
  9. Michael, Another beautiful and well executed build! If you are ever in need of photos of an EC-135 P2(Air Methods) with a Metro Aviation interior, I have them. It was my "office" for 7 years. Look forward to seeing more of your fantastic work! David
  10. Please PM me if you have one for sale or trade! Thank you! David
  11. Splendid job! Great build and excellent "step by step" photos! David
  12. Anthony, Great to see this back on the bench! The tail rotor looks great! Your attention to detail and methodical adaptation to challenges has inspired many - myself included! David
  13. Norbert, I have been away from the forum and just saw this thread. I am speechless! AMAZING! The realism and level of detail is just incredible! I am sure to join the long line of people wanting some of these! Fine craftsmanship! David
  14. Jennings, I agree! Probably in the minority, but I would even welcome 1/35 or 1/32... David
  15. I saw a post where Kitty Hawk is coming out with a UH-1Y. Just wondering what the differences are between the two? I was going to buy a Belcher Bits conversion set, but am curious as to what you rotorheads can tell me? Thanks in advance! David
  16. A product available here in the States called "Gator Grip Glue" is great for adhering both clear and photo-etched parts! It flexes when cured so all PE and clear parts to have a "little give", thus reducing the chance of snapping off. Do a Google search for it. It dries clearand holds well. I would describe it as "Elmers glue on steroids"! David
  17. Been away from the board for a while. Oliver, you are an "Evergreen Geometry Master"! The things that you do with bits, strips and tubing are INCREDIBLE! Every photo that you post is better than the previous one. It is fascinating and motivating to follow your builds! Even the most engineeringly challenged(me) can learn from your steps and adapt them to our models to improve our techniques. Thank you for sharing your steps! David
  18. Not to self - "Always apply primer when using acrylics." I was not happy with the depression and seam running the length of the fuselage between the halves. So, I cut and fashioned a "floor" of 0.60 Evergreen sheet. Still needs some tweaking... David
  19. Hi Guys, Anyone remember the "Rescue Group Build" of 2009? Well, I finally dug out my project from the build. I actually did very little during the build. I am resurecting this build! Here are the original posts and photos to bring you up to speed: After much thought, I have finally decided on what will be at least my first project for the Rescue Group Build. I will be modeling the Bell Jetranger 206 that was the first medevac aircraft flown by the Delaware State Police. This program began back in 1971. The aircraft is very similar to the currently available 1/32 scale kit. I am using
  20. Ernest, Great subject AND customization! I'll be following this one! David
  21. Here is a link to a tutorial on the subject. HTH. David
  22. Hey Gang, I second the vote for Perfect Plastic Putty! No Noxious odor, dries in 15 minutes, and has a very fine surface when sanded. Here in the US, any LHS that buys from Horizon Hobby should be able to get it for you. You can do a similar technique for wing roots that this thread is about, But use water instead of acetone. Thus, no eating of plastic! I am a very happy customer! David
  23. Paul, Interested in what you come up with. Always looking for ways to replicate gold leaf on my emergency vehicle models other than the ALPS. David
  24. Dean, Any updates on this project? Looking GREAT so far! David
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