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  1. I would love a 1/35 scale 407! I know these things take time. Judging from the photos, I know it will be worth the wait. David
  2. I too would love to see a 1/32 scale version of a 407 kit! Many are in service in the US as law enforcement and EMS helicopters. David
  3. Revell has a survey up here: http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/ and they're asking for our opinion. Of interest to members here are several rotor craft. I especially like the Bell 407! Check it out! David
  4. I would really like to have a large scale (1/35 or 1/32) CH-146/412 kit. Has there been any aftermarket offerings in these scales? I have a 1/35 scale Panda UH1N. I recently purchased a 1/48 scale Italeri UH1N kit to use with the Belcher Bits conversion set. I recall that there was a member several years ago who did a few 1/35 scale 412 conversions. David
  5. Here are two examples of the paints mentioned above Hope that helps David
  6. Hi Guys, Can you identify this rotorcraft for me? Thanks! David
  7. Mark, Very nice! I hope to be ordering the Belcher Bits set this weekend. The only dissapointment on the new tool is only one window on the rear clam shell doors. cutting the extra hole is not the problem, but having to fabricate and attempt to vacuum form a window is... Aftermarket??? David
  8. I am soooooo excited! I bought myself a few early birthday presents! They arrived today. The first is the new tool EC-135! It's a beaut! Can't wait to sit down and start planning my build of my former office! I also bought an Italeri 1/48 UH1N. I plan on getting the Belcher Bits conversion set and the Cobra Company firefighting water tank to do a 412 conversion. Any feedback on either aftermarket kit would be appreciated! Thanks. David
  9. Silva, Awesome conversion work on both aircraft! I am attempting similar conversions in 1/32 and 1/35 scale using the old IMC/Testors/Revell kit. I am doing a LongRanger used by the Delaware State Police, which was the first helicopter that I flew in. I would also like to do a 407 in 1/35 using one of the Academy/MRC OH-58D Kiowa Warrior kit. I know that both will require extensive modification, but look forward to the challenge! I also look forward to seeing your updates! David
  10. Thanks for the replies Gents! I am in no rush. I will wait for Trumpeter to release the "B" version and look forward to your USCG set of decals for that version. David
  11. I am a big USCG fan. I am thinking about converting the Trumpeter HU16-A into an HU-16B? I lack the knowledge on the differences between the two. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks! David
  12. Oliver, Another fantastic build! Interesting subject matter in that you don't often see models of crashed rotorcraft. But, if anyone can pull this off effectively, it's you! Great start! I will be following along. Your scratchbuilding is just amazing! David
  13. Greg, That looks sharp! I look forward to following your progress! David
  14. Anthony, Good to see you still working on this one. Look forward to seeing it completed. But, my friend- do not fear. I am working at finishing a 30+ year project. When I joined the fire department in 1981, we had a '79 Dodge Powerwagon brush truck. It is still owned by the department, though retired from fire service duty. It is a very detailed project. At the time, I lacked the skills and knowledge to build it. I have recently dug it out in hopes of completing it before it leaves the department. I know this is a helicopter forum, but it's never too late to finish a project!
  15. Has anyone used these? I am curious as to how you remove these from the backing sheet. Do you have to cut or shave them off? Thanks in advance. David
  16. Troschi, Thank you for all of your hard work on this kit and keeping us informed! I can't wait til it is available here in the US! Look forward to getting a few of these. David
  17. Hi Gang, I want to try to replicate the "lightbar" below via vacuum forming. Having searched, there are several posts and articles on the vacuum forming process, but not much on making the "buck". What do you folks use to build your original when making custom parts to vacuum form? I appreciate any and all suggestions. Thank you! David
  18. Norbert, This is incredible! Your attention to detail and scratchbuilding skills are awesome! You are an inspiration! I look forward to future updates. David
  19. Hi Guys? Does anyone know a modeler who goes/went by this name? He built a beautiful version of an S-70A Firehawk(Blackhawk variant) featured over on Scale Rotors. I would like to reach him regarding this excellent model. He is not listed as a member of Scalemates, nor can I find him via a Google search. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. David
  20. Hi guys, A friend is working on a special rotorcraft project to honor someone he knows. It is a civilian medevac aircraft. He is looking for some 1/35 scale modern flight helmets. Can anyone help me point him in the right direction? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! David
  21. Ungerskpappa, Great build! I have several of these kits, but have never gotten past opening up the doors... I hope to get a few of the "new mold" EC135 kits when they come out. In the mean time, when I clear my bench of some other projects, I will probably assemble one just for fun! Nice interior and exterior detailing! David
  22. Jackman, You might consider building a fictitious bird. This way you could make it for any mission profile or service. Choose color and graphics schemes that are pleasing to your eye, and have fun with it! I know with myself, doing fictitious builds ensures that I enjoy the build and don't get bogged down in the "authenticity factor". I look forward to seeing what you decide! David
  23. I agree! I have often considered doing some of my kits as older Ventura County ships :D/> Airliners.net has many good photos of their aircraft! David
  24. Anthony, I too would be interested in a 1/32 scale 412! Oh, the possibilities... :D/> David
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