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  1. It made me think twice about going to some Midwest shows. Not a fan of that guy who just bought up everything.
  2. RF-8 and the F-8C would be welcomed picks in 1/48. 1/48 pb4y-2 privateer for me.
  3. Heck, I'm just waiting for them to re-release their 1/48 Shinden.......unless one of you outstanding Gentlemen have an extra they'd like to sell!
  4. I typically don't build when I'm away and instead pick up another hobby or explore the area. I do enjoy searching and finding hobby shops though.
  5. The issue is graphics card. It's been almost a year and I still haven't been able to pick one up. With some of the prebuilts today I could see taking one and using some of the parts and selling the rest. I haven't bought a prebuilt gaming PC in 15-17 years....but some of them don't look half bad.
  6. Wasn't born, but I did enjoy the book!
  7. I think I may do a production line on some of them, that's a good idea...thanks.
  8. Tamiya USA was awesome with my 1/32 F-15E cockpit. I support good customer serviceā€¦.Tamiya, Hase, Kinetic, ZM.
  9. I blinked and missed it. Saw it and spruebrothers and the next time I checked it was gone.
  10. Big T is killing it this year. Going to be an expensive year.
  11. I finally picked up a mini pace. Great booth and works well. Maybe a larger booth in the future, but space was limited.
  12. Always good to hear. I scored some great deals with their Black Friday 40-50% awhile back.
  13. The NGWS that is supposed to replace both the M249 and M4 should be chosen this year and fielding shortly after. The new caliber is 6.8. Ammo took a budget hit and legacy small arm systems will be around for awhile.
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