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  1. Castle AFB museum near Atwater, CA is fantastic.
  2. Thanks Joe! I'm specifically looking for those two sets, but thank you very much for reaching out to me. The one I am building now will be wheels up.
  3. Yes!!! I use a Yeti mug and a kettle. My wife has one of those ember warm mugs....thinking of trying that out.
  4. Looking for either or both of these sheets. CD48092 and CD48144. I can help you alleviate the pain of building this kit! If you have partials....I am looking for the Home Improvement Jet out of McConnell, AFB and the Dark Knight (Bats) jet out of Dyess. Thanks!
  5. The usual trick of microset/microsol on a gloss surface has worked for me. Another thing I've done is use quality decals for almost everything else on the jet except where I have had to use kit decals to mark the aircraft I want to do.
  6. I buy a mix of Gunze, AK, and Tamiya. They play very well with one another and with each other's thinners. The Tamiya lacquer line is very nice and usually a cheaper option.
  7. I recently built a Hase F-4G and it was painless. The only issue I had was the lack of detail in the cockpit and I did not care for the weak tailfin attachment. Had to block, brace, and use brass for those. It was built as a ceiling hanger for the kid's room....so perfect.
  8. Your dad has a great point. One can argue the Navy divested itself of the A-6 platform too soon, which would have been a nice addition to the stack over the last 20 years. Similarly, it would be nice to have the S-3 capabilities that were lost. Had the AF retired the A-10 when it wanted years ago it would not have been available for the fight at hand over the past few years. This current combat deployment may be the A-10's last one.
  9. I really enjoy the classic Monogram kits. Reminds me of my childhood!
  10. I have the PACE Super-Mini. One of the best purchases I have made in this hobby although I do wish I would have sprung for the larger one. I bought a stainless-steel vent adapter for the window and its worked like a charm.
  11. I think I have those markings from that sheet, let me check. Speedhunter graphics is reprinting their sheet with that jet (298) on it too. Leading Edge also made that F-4G on their sheet...and I'm sure there is another I can't recall.
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