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  1. I might be wrong, but I was under the impression they would make a run, send them out and then wait sometime to do another run of kits.
  2. This is sad news. Both gentlemen had a passion for this hobby.
  3. Smart move keeping the A-7 with Zacto parts. Tamiya F-14 is a great choice. I'd also look at the ZM F-4 series.
  4. I like it better from my smart phone.
  5. Outside is more interesting to me these days, as well as reading, or spending time with the family. But in fairness to the game, I’ve been losing interest for awhile.
  6. I think they’re all pretty good. Shape wise I think the Monogram kit looks right to me. I have the GWH and Hase Eagles and they’re really good kits. Academy is also an option although some have issues with the shape.
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