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  1. fulcrum1

    Fightertown Decals

    I think they may be like other boutique decal makers and send out in waves, batches, or at certain times only. I have not had an issue with Fightertown.....
  2. fulcrum1

    Tesla, model 3

    People with Tesla's in cold weather would beg to differ.... steep inclines also are not taken into account. Now that does mean on the way down from the mountain you have some flexibility. The other issue with winter driving is when the superchargers break and you have people filling to capacity the line to charge the vehicle is ridiculous. The continuous use of the supercharger is not recommended by Tesla as it will deteriorate the battery life quicker. So essentially if you want to venture out during the winter, proceed with caution and have a back up plan. From my understanding hydrogen cells can recharge quicker and will not deteriorate like EV cells will.
  3. fulcrum1

    Where do you get your inspiration?

    Books and then wreck diving.
  4. fulcrum1

    Tesla, model 3

    Substantial drop in range. I’m from that part of California where Tesla’s are everywhere and they make complete sense. Having lived in Colorado, Missouri, and Kansas for the last eight or nine years.....I think the tech needs to make some huge leaps in range before you can build a case for them in the flyover states or harsher climates.
  5. fulcrum1

    Vallejo Polyurethane primer

    You can’t sand the Vallejo primer? Good to know, thanks.
  6. fulcrum1

    Favorite Air Museums?

    Castle AFB during open cockpit day is a blast.
  7. fulcrum1

    Favorite Air Museums?

    The underwater type! Start diving and head on over to the Pacific. I've only been doing it a year and it's a delight.
  8. fulcrum1

    We were just hit by a tornado.

    I feel for you. My wife and I went through an EF-3 several years ago. Lord blessed us and the tornado missed our house from a direct hit by about 30ft, but it tweaked it good. The house was supposed to be demolished but they decided to keep it up. Two things occurred after that...1) My wife insists on basements (we had none) 2) We didn't play around with getting more insurance.
  9. fulcrum1

    My airbrush just died- recommendations?

    I have an Iwata HP-CS that I have enjoyed and I recently bought a Mr. Hobby PS 770. I think they compliment each other....plenty of reviews on both.
  10. fulcrum1

    Do you have a hobby addiction?

    Perhaps a hobby obsession. I have a coffee addiction.
  11. I'm building two of these. One with the RVHP conversion for the EC-121L Pacific Missile Range bird and another as EC-121K...probably another Pacific Missile Range aircraft. I know the base kit is Heller and unfortunately I heard about Fisher Models. Any other hints on which boxing and way forward? Thanks