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  1. Congratulations on a successful command! Hopefully you'll be able to take some well earned leave before your next job.
  2. Enjoyed it. I've been to China Lake and saw the missile museum out there.....whole new appreciation for that effort now.
  3. 2nd Moderna jab a week or so ago and the wife's 2nd last week. The 2nd day was a bit unpleasant for the both of us, but overall feeling okay. May have helped with some of the lingering (long haul) CO-19 symptoms I've had for over a year too.
  4. After almost 10 years running a i5 2500k I finally built a new PC in the fall and figured I'd get a new RTX GPU in a couple months when supply caught up. Yup, got that one wrong. Might have been better off with a prebuilt.
  5. Picked one up at Spruebros. Anyone know the difference between the RF-4EJ and the regular F-4ej?
  6. This is great, I was just looking through the stash to do a camo B-1b.
  7. That's a shame, I was really hoping to pick up a Pfalz D.III and sopwith someday without paying ebay prices.
  8. Hello folks, looking for this sheet. Please let me know if you're willing to part with it!
  9. Those prop blurs are awesome. Might have to try them out.
  10. Thanks Gents, I might have to head over to Hobby Lobby for the airfix kit. I took a look at an Eduard kit I have and nope! That sucker (Royal kit) is not going in my boy's room.
  11. I need to knock out a few of these for my boy's room and it seems Eduard, Meng, and Airfix now have new tool Mustangs for somewhat decent prices. I have the Tamiya kit and it looks simple enough with surgery, but I was wondering how the others hold up.
  12. Great job, weather is really nice.
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