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  1. That’s great news! Where did you read about the F-4G?
  2. I have the ZM F-4E....very, very nice kit. Seems to be a straightfoward build compared to some of their other offerings.
  3. Wow! My poor wallet. I guess those rumors about Tamiya doing the phantom from years ago had some truth to it.
  4. The Academy kit comes with a load of decals printed by cartograph.
  5. That’s a neat sheet, thanks for doing it.
  6. White Tamiya primer in the can or spray the white Badger/Ammo stuff.
  7. Made no mention of it being a new tool. I’m guessing it’s a revell redox. Would be lovely if it was a new tool however!
  8. Should serve notice to many of us to get our affairs in order. You never know.
  9. https://history.army.mil/html/books/090/90-8-1/CMH_Pub_90-8-1.pdf
  10. I'm actually wanting to do that exact same bird. What did you use to bring the early A to a late A in early OEF? Thank you.
  11. Fort Leavenworth. Second time here, really enjoy Kansas City. Topeka? How was that growing up?
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