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  1. When I handpainted, mine never looked that good. Great job!
  2. After trying to score and fail to get some OOP decals I'm excited about this, thanks!
  3. No, I'm not willing to pay anything extra. My expectation is that the clear parts will be in their own bag and if it is a premium kit with nice decals, then those too.
  4. I would not be willing to pay extra. If I had my choice every sprue would get their own plastic bag and the box would be double thick cardboard🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Had a situation with a 1/32 F-15E ejection seat....and Tamiya came through. Superb customer service.
  6. Weathering looks great. Fantastic job, no real critiques from me.
  7. Tactics, Technique, and Procedures....meant to say To The Top, TTT.
  8. Hey Tom, Thank you, but I have the same set as well. I'm specifically looking for this kit however. Thank you again!
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