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  1. Sad to see that one go, it was one of the better ones....
  2. This movie was fantastic. Saw it on Imax with my oldest. I’m pretty careful with what I let my children watch and heard it was a clean flick, which it was. Wish they made more movies like this. The original played a huge role in the career path I made.
  3. Could be true, but it seems as if this topic gets brought up every few years…..
  4. That’s good to hear about the table buyouts. I won’t support the businesses of those who do that.
  5. With resin and to a degree decals I suggest buying them when you see them. One sold last week on Ebay.
  6. I didn't expect the US boxing to be that high. Might as well go RoG. Unless Hobby Lobby gets them....
  7. California's Air Guard stuff has decent tail art. Before the chicken it was the stars and some had the state flag/bear. Completely biased being from Northern California....
  8. Copyright violations depend on what country you live in. However....two of those kits just sold on ebay last month for reasonable prices which leads me to believe your best bet is wait for one to pop up there or ask around on facebook or the modeling forums.
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