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  1. Nice build! Where did u get the display base from?
  2. Excellent work! Clean build yet detailed! I would love to know the color u used for the blue, matches the decals perfectly!
  3. Excellent Job! Love the shading on the plane
  4. Excellent work Mike! I did the same kit with same markings sometime ago, the decals on the vert stab gave me quite a bit of headache
  5. what academy kit are u building? Decals from the older kits tend to silver easily (even after 2 coats of future ). I guess you can try trimming down the clear decal edges before transferring them onto the model. Academy's new releases with Cartograf decals shouldn't have much of this problem imo
  6. Great work so far! Your effort will pay off soon!
  7. I use tamiya grey putty, works pretty well except for the slight shrinkage when dried. Anyway what do u guys do when the putty in the tube starts to dry out?
  8. Thanks for the kind words guys! I left the pilots out due to a messed up paint job.
  9. Hi, after attaching the various antennas, I can call this kit complete! Kit is standard Academy kit, decals from Hasegawa kit. (Sundowners is my fav squadron) I decided to do this tomcat in-flight supported with rods through the exhaust. Can see my WIP log here Thanks for looking. C & C welcomed!
  10. Anyway, most probably the last update for this WIP. Managed to stuff the brass tubes into the exhaust, secured with epoxy putty, then glued the exhausts onto the model. Lastly covered with a flat coat. Those with sharp eyes might have noticed the red color on top of the tailfins are a little darker than the red of the decal. Well, I followed the instructions stating to use H327 which resulted in a darker red (but I did some touch up to get it as close to the decal as possible) A small part of the decal at the cockpit got torn off while decaling, might touch up with a fine marker/pencil. Comments welcomed!
  11. Thanks for the kind words guys! I've decided that I'm gonna do this bird in flight, secure 2 metal rods through the exhaust. Managed to grab some materials today
  12. I find airbrushing future causes it to run easily. I apply future to most of my models by handbrushing, gives me more control and results in a nice shine
  13. update, brushed on future as gloss coat and left it to dry for about a day. Decal on tail fin was a challenge to handle, took quite a while to get it to settle down. Need to touch up some tears with red paint. comments welcomed!
  14. Weathering of the panel done, not sure if I had overdone it. What do u guys think?
  15. got some paint on during the holiday Primed and preshaded Main color Panel fading up next COmments welcomed!
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