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  1. "Taking the Windows development history, the F16, Mirage 2000, E2C were windows 1.0, the Kfir, Mirage IIIE, Harrier FA2, Fouga are 2.0, the AMX and SuE are 3.0" By the way Mr. Raymond, when does Kinetic will revisit the F-16 molds to bringing they to actual standards? SouthViper
  2. " 34 x 22 cm model base and/or mouse pad with taxiway image. If you like our gifts, we are planning to include them in our other kits. We would be more than happy if you could send you feedback about this." So You have my feedback here: congratulations for this outstanding model of the RF-84F, very fine kit of this spectacular aircraft from the 50's, my favorite World's Era. Hope see (and buy) more from TANMODELS, I think I know what is Your next kit in 1/48... Anyway I would like to offer You my suggestion for TAN's next 3rd project in 1/48: the FJ-2/3/3M Fury with same level of details of
  3. http://www.topedge.com/alley/squadron/pac/vf2hist.htm SouthViper
  4. Dear Jim, certainly I would go with the ZM kit to do the conversion you want. The best kit for Your best masterpiece. It really is necessary to sand off the armor plates for the Korean version, I believe they were AD-3s that time. I highly recommend the Skyraider book series In Action (Squadron Signal Pu.) that brings good designs pointing out the differences between versions. To uniformly sanding the shielding plates there is a technique : making a small caliber hole in the wing or fuselage section which DOES NOT have the shield, measuring the thickness with a piece of wire/sprue.
  5. I believe You will have to scratch that platform, maybe a Google search on the manufacturer of the original ones can bring You some nice pics or sketches. Also near the B-58 were this platform : It is not what You wish but it is some beginning SouthViper
  6. I have some feelings for "X" and "Y" aircraft projects. The TSR-2 would be a BIG project and looking around I did not found the Airfix kit itself but I do found some resin sets.... 173,10 Euros... not counting some PE sets... nor decals ... SouthViper
  7. Liam The Academy 1/48 kit is NSI , so PW engines/exhaust. I believe Seamless Suckers (SS) in too long out of business and theirs resin set was for Hasegawa F-16's, but since the Academy's F-16 is almost a Xerox from the Hasegawa kit it would works. Take a look at CMK : http://www.cmkkits.com/en/detail-sets-accessories/index.php?fSort=3&fSeries=0&fScale=16&fNationality=0&fEra=0&fMaker=0&from=170 Some of the NEW Tamiya F-16 kits have both inlets in the box so I think it will not difficult some another modeler negotiate the parts You need. SouthViper
  8. Well, there are some offers in 1/48 of the T-38 Talon. I would like to know What is the best 1/48 kit of the T-38 Talon A,B,or C, specially regarding the accurate dimensions and "area rule" correctly shaped. I saw some time ago that one of these kits would have wrong dimensions and fuselage/canopy sills wrong angled so I am trying to find the best kit. Thanks SouthViper
  9. What is that on the ground next Opel Blitz ? looks like some rests of a pterodactyl ? SouthViper
  10. Still better to begin with the HASEGAWA 1/48 ones . SouthViper
  11. Thanks guys I have received this topic to clear my questions : http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal3/2301-2400/Gal2336_TF-102_Hawkey/00.shtm Mario
  12. I am building the TF-102A using the Monogram F-102A kit and the C&H Aero Miniatures conversion kit http://www.candhaerominiatures.com/catalog/tf102.htm The real F-102A was 68' 1,8" including Pitot which means 43,28 Centimeters in 1/48, which is absolutely correct for the Monogram kit. The real TF-102A was 63' 5,7" including Pitot which means 40,30 Centimeters in 1/48. * The F-102 Detail & Scale book, By Bert Kinzey, page 41. And here is my doubt, because adapting the resin C&H front to the rear Monogram fuselage my measurement goes for 41,7 Centimeters. (with Pitot) S
  13. Thank You all for the tips. I think this would be a very expensive project. SouthViper
  14. I am going to build the Trumpeter 1/48 Sukhoi Su-24M Fencer D, and I am wondering if I could to use the fantastic Aires resin exhausts that are made for the MiG-23 ? If not any other options. SouthViper
  15. I would like to know if it would be correct and possible to use the excellent Aires turbines for 1/48 MiG-23 for the Su-24 Fencer, both from Trumpeter ? SouthViper
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