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  1. I'm part of the online Facebook group for the site and it's been down for a couple of weeks due to a botched server move. It should hopefully be back up soon.
  2. Good job DutyCat. Something I just thought of, did the MiG-31 ever carry R-40 Acrids in real life? I see them on kits all the time, but I don't think I've ever seen a pic with them loaded.
  3. I was unboxing some models that were stored when I moved and I found 2 1/72 MiG-31 Foxhounds, a RoG rebox of the Zveda kit and a white box ICM kit. Which one is the better kit in terms of accuracy?
  4. I saw Revell of Germany released a 1/72 SU-27 in the last year or so and checking the instructions on revell.com, I was surprised to see it's not another repop of the old Hasegawa kit that RoG has released twice so far. It's kit# 80-4937. Is this actually a new Revell mold or did RoG rebox a different Flanker this time.
  5. Would 2 R-73's on the wing tips and 2 R-73's and 2 R-27's under the wings be a standard loadout for a regular duty SU-33? From the photo's I've seen it seems like that would be the max they could carry and still get off the carrier's deck.
  6. I have the other Mirage 2000 kit, #5446 with the Exocet's handy. Let me know if you need the instructions scanned.
  7. From the recovery pictures, only the bottom blade of the prop was bent so that engine was not running when it crashed. RIP William...
  8. This article has more details, it looks like they went through a manned gate, doesn't say which one: ABC Chicago Article
  9. I think base security has some explaining to do at NAS Lemoore CNN Article And no, it's not an April Fools joke, I've seen 10 different media outlets reporting it.
  10. muswp1

    SBD-5 Drop Tanks

    Does anybody make aftermarket drop tanks in 1/48 for the Eduard/AM SBD-5? I picked up the new Eduard release of the AM SBD-5 and I wanted to do the Atlantic scheme and thought using the seldom seen 56 gallon underwing tanks would look good on it. I know only the 5's and 6's could use them,
  11. I'm betting there is a very quiet search involving every Federal agency for those two. Didn't two other pilots go missing a few years ago and end up living in the US claiming they quit the Afgan AF?
  12. I think they tried that route and lost track after Air Atlanta Icelandic sold them. I did a real quick Google search on one of the jets and found a few images from around 2010 at an airport in Amsterdam (naturally with no markings at all), but that's it for post 2008.
  13. Ok, did someone forget where they parked their jumbo jets at?? Malaysia hunts owners of Boeing 747s abandoned at airport
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