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  1. Thank you for the comments, everybody! After I painted the camo with unadjusted colors, I "post shaded" by adding white to the colors and spraying each in a random, mottled pattern concentrated mainly within the panels.
  2. This is the first model I've painted with Model Master enamels, so I'm curious to hear what you think. I'm not too happy with how it turned out, myself - I sprayed them freehand and couldn't seem to get as tight a demarcation as I can with Tamiya and Gunze acrylics. I added an Avionix resin seat - I know it's probably the wrong version for this plane, but it looks much, much better than the kit seat, so I don't mind. Besides, the kit seat is the wrong version anyway, I think. The markings are from Afterburner Decals, which were excellent. I'm ashamed to report that this is only the second model I've completed this year. I've got to do better in 2011! Justin
  3. I've recently come to terms with my mortality and realized I would never be able to finish all the kits in my stash within this lifetime. Also, I moved into a new apartment without sufficient storage for all my kits. Therefore, I've decided to thin the herd. Take a look at the following list, let me know what you want and where you live, and I will give you a shipping quote (I'm in the U.S.) I will accept Paypal and USPS money orders. I will ship worldwide, but will only accept Paypal outside the U.S. Thanks for looking! Justin PLANES: Trimaster 1/48 Focke-Wulf Fw190F-8 $20 1/48 Focke-Wulf Fw190D-9 + Cutting Edge resin cockpit $30 Tamiya 1/48 Messerschmitt Me262 A-2a w/Kettenkraftrad $20 1/48 Douglas A-1J Skyraider (USAF) + Eduard Zoom and True Details Wheels $20 1/48 P-47D Razorback $20 1/48 Spitfire Mk.1 (sealed) $20 1/48 Bristol Beaufighter TF.Mk.X $20 Hasegawa 1/48 Hurricane Mk.1 Trop Mediterranean Theatre $15 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4/7 Trop (JT10) $15 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-1 (kit #09369 w/markings for Hannes Trautloft's Red 1 and Winfried Schmidt's Red 1) $15 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3 Rumanian Air Force (kit #09624 w/markings for Tiberiu Vinca's Yellow 64 and an unknown pilot, Yellow 37) $15 1/48 P-47D Razorback 47th Fighter Squadron (kit #09318) $15 1/48 F4U-7 Corsair French Navy $15 1/48 Macchi C.202 Folgore (2 available, both sealed) $15 ea. 1/72 F/A-18D Hornet VMFA(AW)-225 Vikings $8 Eduard 1/48 Spitfire F Mk.22/24 Limited Edition + Squadron vac canopy and Eagle Strike decals (48241: Spitfire End of the Line Pt. IV) $20 1/48 Nieuport 21 Profipack $10 1/48 P-39 Airacobra Profipack $20 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf 108 Profipack (Note: kit is missing decals!!!) $10 1/72 Lavochkin La-7 Heavy Fighter (Limited Edition) $8 Dragon/DML 1/48 Ta154 Moskito + Eduard photo-etch $20 1/48 Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-5 Special (Markings for Herman Graf and Erich Hondt) $15 1/48 Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-8 + Aeromaster decals (48-432, Butcher Birds Pt. 8) $15 Academy 1/48 P-47N Special Expected Goose + True Details(?) resin seat $15 RoG 1/32 Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9 Late (w/large tail) $25 1/72 Su-27 Flanker B $15 Classic Airframes 1/48 Savoia Marchetti S.79 Torpedo Bomber $40 Accurate Miniatures 1/48 Yakovlev Yak-1b + Aeromaster decals (48-423, Yak-1b Fighters) $15 1/48 Grumman F3F-1 $15 Special Hobby 1/72 Hawker Tempest Mk.II In RAF Service $10 21st Century Toys 1/32 Messerschmitt Bf 109F-2/F-4 $8 1/32 Macchi C.205 Veltro $8 Montex 1/32 CA 13 Boomerang multi-media kit $100 Trumpeter 1/72 F-105 Thunderchief + Zotz decals (ZTZ72/010, Thud Alley) $20 CARS: Studio 27 1/24 F1-GTR Fina #38 (LeMans 24H 96) multi-media kit + extra decals for the 1995 Le Mans 24h winner $100 1/20 Williams BMW FW23 San Marino 01 multi-media kit $100 Tamiya 1/24 Porsche 911 GT1 + Scale Motorsport composite fiber decals and Porsche-Warsteiner 911 GT1 Declkit $30 1/24 Opel Calibra V6 DTM $15 1/24 Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI $15 1/24 Ferrari 360 Modena $15 1/24 Enzo Ferrari $20 1/24 Ferrari F50 Yellow Version $15 1/24 Porsche 959 $8 1/20 Team Lotus J.P.S. Mk.III + Studio 27 decals $25 1/20 Fiat 131 Abarth Rally (80 Monte Carlo winner) $20 1/20 Ferrari F1-2000 + Marlboro decals, Scale Motorsport super detail kit, and Perfect Parts wheels $50 ARMOR: Tamiya 1/35 M26 Armored Tank Recovery Vehicle $45 1/35 Leopard 2A5 Main Battle Tank + Eduard photo-etch $20 Dragon 1/35 M51 Isherman (original release) $20 1/35 Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. E (3 in 1) $30 Academy 1/35 M-51 Super Sherman $20 Italeri Panzer IV Ausf. H + two Eduard photo-etch sets (details and schurtzen) and Dragon track links $20 ICM 1/35 Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. L Luchs + Eduard photo-etch $20
  4. Hi Michael, it's the A version. The kit comes with a complete C version, plus an extra sprue with the A tails and the other bits and bobs to make it an A - a great deal! I think I will always get this kit even if I want to build another C - that way I have the extra A bits left over and can convert a D (I have two in the stash) to a B if I want to! I suspect Academy will eventually release a B, though. Hi Rodney, yes, the nose was the only tricky bit of the construction. I did a lot of dry fitting, too, but when it came to glue everything together, I did it all at once (except the nose cone) with Tamiya extra thin cement. I then fiddled with it before the cement set, getting everything lined up as best I could and dry fitting the nose cone at the same time. I still needed to do a little filling, sanding, and a bit of re-scribing in the end, but it wasn't too bad. I plan on building several more of these, so eventually I'll get the hang of it!
  5. Thank you for the kind words, everyone! :) Hi Matt, thanks for the input! In all the pictures I've seen of this plane, the tails look bright and clean even though the rest of the airframe is absolutely filthy. I don't know if that's because they use a different paint for the bright colors, or if they just cleaned the tails a lot, but that's why I didn't weather the white and red as much. Hi Rumbling, glad you like it! Here's a brief overview of how I did it: - Base coat of Xtracrylix light and dark ghost gray - Lightened each color with white and sprayed in a random, mottled pattern over the base colors - Mixed Tamiya Red Brown and Black 50:50 and thinned it about 80% - sprayed this in random patterns in the appropriate areas to simulate dirt, grime, oil, etc. - Lightened Gunze light and dark ghost gray acrylics with white and sprayed them in small patches to represent touch-ups painted by the corrosion control crew - Misted the same Gunze colors over the entire airframe to blend everything together and tone down the weathering a bit. - Glosscoated the model with Tamiya clear acrylic and applied the decals - Panel line wash with oil paints (Payne's Grey and Raw Umber, 50:50) thinned with lighter fuel - Final coat of 2 parts Tamiya clear mixed with 1 part Tamiya Flat Base.
  6. This is my second Academy Hornet, finished late last year. They are an absolute joy to build! This one is an A model (with the A+ upgrade) in the markings of VMFA-232 "Red Devils" as it appeared aboard the USS Nimitz in 2007. I added a Quickboost SJU-5 resin seat and Mk. 82s from a Hasegawa weapons set. Markings are MAW decals, which performed flawlessly - I highly reccommend them! The loadout is one that was suggested in the MAW instructions. I appreciate any constructive criticism you can offer. Specifically, I'd like to know how I did with the weathering. I tried to replicate the dirty, grungy look of a modern carrier-borne jet with all its paint touch-ups. Not sure how well I did, though - please let me know! - Justin Here it is next to my other one, an F/A-18C:
  7. Thank you for the kind words, everybody! Yes, I did postshade. I used Gunze acrylics for the SEA camo colors, then modified them with Tamiya acrylics for the postshade. If I remember correctly, I added XF-4 Yellow Green to the medium green, XF-2 White to the dark green, and XF-57 Buff to the tan. I scratchbuilt the centerline pylon using an old Monogram kit as a guide. There weren't really any fit issues to speak of. The whole thing went together surprisingly well!
  8. Here is my 1/48 Hobby Boss Thud, built to represent Karl Richter's aircraft. I built this for my dad, who served with Richter in Korat, Thailand in '66 and '67. I added an Avionix resin cockpit, Bombs and centerline rack from a Hasegawa weapons set, and Verlinden RBF tags. Decals are a mix of Aeromaster (stars 'n' bars and stencils), Microscale railroad letters and numbers (from which I pieced together the "USAF" and the serial number), and homemade (Richter's name). I know there may be some inaccuracies, but it has Richter's name on it and that's all that's really important to my dad. I hope you like it! - Justin
  9. Does anybody happen to have any information about or photographs of Lt. Karl W. Richter's F-105 Thunderchief? I've always wanted to build his plane for my dad, who served with Richter in the 421st TFS at Korat Air Base, Thailand during Vietnam. I haven't been able to find any references for his plane, though. In case you're wondering why I don't just ask my dad, it's because I want it to be a surprise! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Justin
  10. Thank you for the comments, everybody! Luke, take a look here. It looks like it had this scheme at the Miramar air show in 2003. That's the only time that I can place it. Steve, thanks for the link - that's awesome!
  11. I now have two planes with bats in my collection: Thanks for looking! - Justin
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