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  1. icekj

    Polish Mustang

    Thank you gentlemen for the compliments. I am glad you enjoyed the pics and discription. I have decals for 5 more Polish MustangIII builds. This was a nice little build and I am planning on doing more. Thank you for the pic of the Pavla vacc canopy that looks nice! God Bless, Ken
  2. icekj

    Polish Mustang

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Here is my latest finished build. This one is close enough to done to do some posting. First a quick summary: Mission: Build a subject pertaining to the D-Day invasion. Keep it simple so it could be finished in a small amount of time. Try to find something with full invasion stripes on both bottom and top of aircraft. Background: After the fall of Poland in WWII the RAF created fighter squadrons to be staffed with Polish pilots and support. These squadrons experienced great success throughout the rest of WWII. Polish squadrons served during the Battle of Britain. Even though they only accounted for 5% of the pilots they accounted for 12% of the air-to-air victories. In fact, the No. 303 (Polish) Squadron had the highest number of victories in the Battle of Britain with 126. This subject is the MustangIII (P-51B) flown by the No. 316 (Polish) Squadron during June of 1944. Kit: Revell of Germany 1/72 MustangIII (P-51B) Extras: Drop tanks from Hasegawa P-51 and Eduard Mask Set Decals: Aviation USK 7115 Mustang MkIII RAF Polish Squadrons as well as kit decals I liked almost everything about this kit. It fit well, assembled well, not allot of flash, seemed to be proper shape. There was one down side, the clear parts did not fit very well at all. So much so that if I ever build this kit again I am going to use a replacement canopy. I used very little filler on this build, in fact the paint I used to fill any gaps was used more to see where I had already sanded then fill anything. I used a variety of paints on this build. For airbrushing I used Testors Molder Master Acryl thinned with Future, Pactra Acrylic thinned with Future, Tamiya Acrylic thinned with Automotive Acrylic Lacquer thinner, Tamiya White primer thinned with Tamiya Lacquer Thinner, Future for clear gloss coats, and Testor Model Master Acrylic clear Semi-Gloss thinned with alcohol. Brush painting was done with Citadel colors, cheep craft store acrylic paints, and Testors MM Acryl paints. The Semi-Gloss clear was thinned 2 parts 91% Isopropyl Alcohol to 1 part paint. This gives an almost flat finish, just a hint of gloss with no frosting. Panel line washes were accomplished with the ProModeller dark dirt product. Landing gear and interior was washed with craft store acrylic black paint thinned 8 parts water to 1 part paint. I added a drop of dish washing liquid to the mix to remove surface tension. The only down side to this kit was the fit of the clear parts. Even after extensive dry fitting the parts did not sit well. I am hoping to fill in the gaps with Testors Clear Parts Cement and go back over with some paint to fill in the gaps. This will be a slow process but I think it will be done by next weekend's Kalamazoo contest. The only parts added to the kit were the drop tanks from a Hasegawa 1/72 P-51 and a piece of small brass wire for the radio antenna. The 75 gallon drop tanks were omitted from this kit for some reason, it did come with 105 gallon pressed paper tanks. Unfortunately I could not find any pictures of Polish/RAF mustangs with 105 gallon tanks. The decals are a mix of the Aviation USK and kit decals. The kit comes with markings for two different Polish mustangs. I purchased the Aviation USK decals in the 90s before the company closed. I noticed they had yellowed in the 20 years since. I put them in a plastic bag and threw them on my car's dashboard. This removed (from what I could see at the time) the yellowing after about a week. When I went to use the ID letters I found that the film was still slightly yellow. It only showed up over the white invasion stripes. After the decals were set I went back and very carefully painted over the yellowed film with some white paint. Not perfect but it looks good from a foot away. Enough of my ramblings...on to the pictures! All in all I am happy with this build. Took just under five weeks for me to complete the build. The RAF colors with the striped spinner and the invasion stripes make this one colorful and striking. If I ever build another of these kits I will buy some of the Squadron Vaccuform replacement canopies. I will cut out the Malcolm hood from the kit part and use the kit front windscreen and the rear side windows. I will then do an open Malcolm canopy from the Squadron canopy. Should make show off the nicely detailed kit cockpit. I hope you enjoy this one. God Bless, Ken
  3. icekj

    Model Master acrylics...ugh.

    About a year ago I started thinning MM Acryl paints with Future. I use 2 parts paint to one part Future. I now prefer MM Acryl over Tamiya and other brands. I also prime my models. I use Tamiya Fine White Primer from the bottle and thinned with Tamiya's Lacquer Thinner. For cleanup I use cheep lacquer thinner. Whichever brand Wal-Mart has in stock in gallon cans. It is probably overkill but man does it clean things up nice. The proof is in the pics, here is a 1/48 Pegasus Me-262. All the paint you see here is MM Acryl thinned with Future. HTH and God Bless, Ken
  4. icekj


    Prayers lifted God Bless, Ken
  5. icekj

    Me410 A-1: To The Finish! 11/7/10

    Chuk, Another excellent update. The gear look much improved over the orginals. Nice tip on the brackets. Thanks again and God Bless, Ken
  6. icekj

    On-line source for Citadel paint?

    ODB, Games Workshop has done it's best to eliminate any competition selling it's products on the web. Because of this the best place to order their products is Games Workshop's web site. They currently have free shipping for any order $15 or over. Order the Mithril Silver, Boltgun Metal and whatever else you need from them. If that is not to your liking then there are tons of gaming stores that carry their paint range. There is probabily one near you. Spud's Emporium 225 East Main Street Ottumwa, IA 52501 HTH and God Bless, Ken
  7. icekj

    F-4 Phantom pylon question

    Rex, That sure does help. Thanks for the info! God Bless, Ken
  8. icekj

    F-4 Phantom pylon question

    I don't suppose anyone made the outboard pylons without tanks in 1/72? A F-4G with 4 HARMs hanging off it looks awesome. God Bless, Ken
  9. You mean I can do something like this???? Ok, already did that. I will have to do something else. I am in. God Bless, Ken
  10. icekj

    Me410 A-1: To The Finish! 11/7/10

    Chuk, As entertaining as always. I get to pick up tips for builds too. How can this be bad? Except when I go through withdrawls when you take a long time to post. God Bless, Ken
  11. icekj

    Revell 2010 releases revealed

    That 1/72 F-4F reissue looks like this aircraft: First View Second View I will now be counting the days until this one is released. Did they also say a new tool 1/72 B-17G???!!!!???!!! I like these releases. God Bless, Ken
  12. icekj

    Tamiya Retarder

    For MM Acryl paints I started thinning them 2 parts paint to one part Future floor wax. Got rid of the dry tip and added a self-leveling feature to the paint. The Future acts as a retarder and a thinner. Side result is it assists in adheasion, toughens up the paint a bit and makes it glossier for decal prep. HTH and God Bless, Ken
  13. icekj

    A good modeling putty

    I have gotten away from the usual putty and CA glue for filling gaps. For smaller gaps in harder to reach places I use MrSurfacer and remove the excess with nail polish remover and a q-tip. For gaps along fuselage seams and places that are easy to reach with a sanding stick I now use Testors Tube Glue in the orange tube. It takes a day or so to fully cure. It can be sanded, scribed, and polished. It strengthens the joint that is used upon. I find it easier to work with then CA because it does not get as hard. The down side is the fumes and the curing time. I used it on a DML 1/72 P-38 for the boom/wing joints and it worked like a champ. HTH and God Bless, Ken
  14. icekj

    New Airbrush for christmas

    I have a Badger Patriot, I LOVE it. It does everything I need it to and more. Easy to clean and does fine lines. About to start a WWII German build so I am about to find first hand how it does painting mottled fuselages. GOd Bless, Ken
  15. icekj

    KC-135R flying gaz station

    Oh my!!!! That is NICE Thanks for posting up some pics of this much collected and rarely built kit. God Bless, Ken