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  1. Eduard has both engines sized for the new release along with a lot of other options.
  2. Does anybody have a good technique for using Meng decals made in China? Will need it for this model!
  3. You have to. The Fab Scale exhausts have much better detail, but is way too big in diameter for the Meng kit
  4. I checked the FAB Scale J-20 exhausts for the Trumpeter and they don't fit. The diameter is too big. We'll have to wait for aftermarket. It's too bad. The Fab Scale are really nice.
  5. and many that say "Made in China"
  6. I'm looking for opinions and techniques for using Meng decals. I'd like to use the kit decals and wondering -how? What's the best setting solution and any other tips for successful application. My only experience is some cockpit decals and I had mixed results. Thanks!
  7. I honestly haven't been out to the flight line in a couple of years. I just know there is a goal towards commonality. Flightdeck crews can fly all three jets because the cockpits are the same. The jets are getting more alike, not less. I would think the safety changes would go fleet wide. Still you are a building a jet at point in time. The jet in the photo probably is a fairly recent arrival from depot. It will takes years for those markings to go fleet wide.
  8. It's an RAF thing that's made its way over to US jets. There were a lot safety equipment changes the RAF requested. I assume the changes wouldn't stop with RJ but be adopted fleet wide.
  9. ZM has their own that was made by Red Fox. It looks nice. I got one when it first came out. I don't know where you would find one.
  10. The F-16D should be available at the warehouse in Topeka. Price is $39 with shipping about $14. You order from Lucky Model and when paying you select UPS shipping ($14 or so) option. Your tub will arrive shortly in 3-5 days. It's a little convoluted process. If it won't take the UPS option it's because the kit is not available in Topeka. There's no list of what's in stock in Topeka that I know of. That would be too easy.
  11. The Texas boxing is Block 30 so it will come an extra tree that has the big mouth intake and the F110 engine. Same tree is in the D model kit. Every kit has the NSI intake and F100 so with this boxing and the D you get both.
  12. I can't comment on the entire history of the F-4G or the AGM-78. I was an EWO for 27 years. I did not fly F-4Gs. I had regular interactions with my fellow EWOs and Navs across the spectrum.
  13. By the late 80's the AGM-78s were only in PACAF I believe. The casing were leaking. Many crews said if they were forced to carry 78s they would jettison them rather than taking a chance. AGM-45s were deployed to DESERT STORM. The crews didn't like them, but were forced to expend them... If you want a good book on F-4Gs in DESERT STORM I recommend MAGNUM. A pilot kept a journal all through Shield and Storm and turned it into a book.
  14. That because you still need the white top help keep the jet cool.
  15. There have been many changes to the RC-135 since the RAF joined the program. One area is emergency equipment. There's a big effort to keep all the jets the same so what good for one is good for all.
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