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  1. Deon

    SBd 3 / 5 prop question

    Thank you all gentlemen!I shall proceed to search for an appropriate kit or spare a/m prop. Many thanks deon
  2. Hi all, I believe the SBD 3 and the SBD 5 had different props or at least different spinners / prop heads. If this is so, does anyone know which of the 1/48th manufacturers supply both? Cheers for any ideas Deon
  3. I'd go for any dark grey / black wash for the control surfaces. If you use a light grey or sand colour on the airframe it will look like the panels have collected dust or a medium grey to accent the panel egdes. Personally I think dark panel washes make the models look a little toy like.
  4. Thats a beautifully done model, I think the best 1/72 harrier ive ever seen
  5. Nice work frenk, Ill probably use your build as a guide when I come to build mine. Thanks for taking the time to show all your excellent work
  6. Deon

    UAV GB

    Id be up for this, got loads of Unicrsaft drone/ UAV types plus Hellcat drones waiting for an excuse
  7. She's a beauty, Ive had one on the to finish pile for years (converted to a C), I think you've just provided the inspiration to finish her, thankyou
  8. excellent work Antoine, even if we can't see the great detail aftewards, we'll all know it's there
  9. Nice paint job, love the modifications, looks very plausible!
  10. Nice work from an old kit. An overall grimy effect can also be achieved with washes such as Promodeller.
  11. Dan, your cockpit looks fantastic, although I'll never be able to paint mine as well, Im going to have to find the CMK parts to replace the awful Revell parts. Thanks for posting all your work so carefully, it'll will make a great reference post. Cheers deon
  12. really nice model, the gentle weathering is excellent and I like the various tones you have used in the green
  13. I love the look of the tracks, looks like you've got a really good technique, same for the exhausts, they look real to me. nice one
  14. great project, thanks for showing all the work
  15. That's a beautiful job, looks as close to perfection as one could imagine. i want one now
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