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  1. Hi Fanatic, Firstly, the quick answer is yes. Depending on the size of the larger gaps, you might need 1 or 2 passes. Also depends on how thick you make the "filler". If you make it very thick it will take longer to fully harden. Secondly, again yes, but make sure it's fully cured before you try to sand or rescrbe. When making the "filler" use sprue with a different colour to the kit you are doing. This helps to see the difference between filler and kit. David.
  2. One of the best intro's to a film. Hot Shots does it really well as well. Pity the OST doesn't include the Top Gun Anthem without the Guitar...
  3. I'm no expert, but my experiences with Vac canopies. When cutting them to shape, don't cut it to the required part in 1 pass, take several. That way the sciccors have space and the part doesn't get bent trying to get the sciccors in. For glue I use white glue. It might take 2 or 3 passes, but when dry it will even withstand the handling of masking. This is My Go-9 with a Vac canopy. David.
  4. Try here for starters. David.
  5. On occasion I've done this as well, but instead of using superglue, I use white glue. When dry, it's clear, and gives a fairly good bond. Better than Future in my experience. David.
  6. I didn't know this and was glad it was pointed out to me, while I'm doing a Pearl Harbor P-40B, that I should not paint the area with the interior colour. I assumed being behind glass so to speak, it would be an interior colour. It's a shame a correction can't be given these days without being it been seen as an attack or insult. If someone corrects/informs me, I can choose whether to agree or disagree with it, to use the information or not to use it. How can I learn/improve if no one points out the good as well as the bad ?? I've tried posting in the Critique Corner, but my experiance is y
  7. Revell enamel Matt thinned with their own thinner. Thin ratio, 1 tinlet of Matt with 1 bottle of thinner. Then shake well. David.
  8. Here it is together with the BV-40 and Airfix 1/72 P-40B.
  9. Hi there, I thought I would share my latest with you all. It’s......AML's 1/72 Goppingen Go-9. Construction was straight forward. Every part needed trimming and filling, luckily there are not many parts. I modified the undercarriage as that was incorrect. The plane didn’t sit on it’s tricycle undercarriage until the pilot got into the plane. Finished in overall RLM 05. I couldn’t find a RLM 05 in a shade I liked. To my eye the Vallejo RLM 05 is way to yellow. So I mixed Vallejo Model Color RLM05 with white in a 50/50 ratio, which was sprayed on. The canopy is vac-formed, AML provide 2. I
  10. Hi there, I thought I would share my latest with you all. It’s.....Brengun's 1/72 BV-40. Construction is simple. A few plastic parts with lots of PE. The plastic part of the kit builds quite well, but all that PE....that took a few evenings. The clear part is quite thick, but clear. Painted in RLM 83 over RLM 76 using WEM paints. Then gloss coated using Revell gloss in preparation for the decals. The kit decals were used, and behaved well with MicroSol and Set. They were sealed with Revell gloss. I’m not very good at weathering, but as this is a glider, and photos show it to be quite dir
  11. mossieramm

    Arming a P51

    Hi there, I want to finish my Academy P-51b as a Mustang III PK-G of the 315th (Polish) Squadron. The kit has pylons for iron bombs or LR tanks plus it can carry the triple tube "bazooka" rockets out board of the pylon as well. As the 315th was a fighter squadron would it just have the external fuel tanks ?? Or could it also be armed with the bazookas ?? Thanks for any help. David.
  12. In Holland there are plenty availiable in modelshops. Maybe the Dutch know something we don't ?? :whistle:/>
  13. How do you get such crisp lines of the canopy framing ?? Specially that P-38..wow
  14. mossieramm


    Hi there. I'm looking for some reference pics of a p-51b for my academy kit. The kit detail rather sparse. Specially the cockpit. Thanks for any info. David.
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