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  1. That is welcome news to go with the morning coffee! Though I will probably only buy a single A319, and maybe a couple of A321s, I will definitely go broke when the A320 is released. (hopefully someone will give us the Air Canada RAPTOR decals...........)
  2. And............ 417 Squadron will be painting up a CH-146 in WW2 desert scheme of Dark Earth over Middle Stone. (Note to Dave Winters, here's hoping you can fit the markings on the Hawk sheet in the 1/72, and 1/48)
  3. [/url] A Coyote keeps an eye on Tanker 487 as it stops into Lac la Biche for reload while working the Fort McMurray fire.
  4. Manuela - Helicopter U.S. Navy 66 I think of SeaKings sling loading Apollo capsules out of the ocean when ever I hear this song. (Although in German, and I still have no idea what it's really about!)
  5. Looks like the only trouble you may have in the decal art will be the white elipses on the upper wings and stabs. Sorry for the image quality. It was a cold windy cloudy morning, and clear images were at the limits of my camera setup.
  6. Just wondering if the 707 and KC-135s are still available. If they are, I will gladly take them off your hands for your asking price. I live in Alberta, so payment should be easy no matter how you prefer it.

  7. I have used it with pretty good results. It is not very good for anything structural, but it's great for working with clear parts and adding landing gear doors etc.
  8. edited what they said! Some quick guys on here, you got three replies while I was typing my original response
  9. Very nice! I would definitely like to see this one in kit form.
  10. Someone on here posted a few pictures of the Griffons and Chinooks while the OPS were going on, and was quietly muffled, so pics were rare, and limited to official releases. But, check out this nice article from Vintage Wings: http://www.vintagewings.ca/VintageNews/Stories/tabid/116/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/360/Art-of-War.aspx
  11. The main parts of the kit are still pretty nice. Just needs new clear parts, a new rotor head, better cockpit detail, and nicer wheels. If Revell were to invest in a couple of new sprues to throw in the box, I'd likely buy a few.
  12. 1/48 is known as O scale in the model railroading world. Check there for passenger seating, and if you really want to get crazy, you can also get seated passengers as well (even thier luggage)
  13. http://www.network54.com/Forum/169232/ Everythng modern Canadian can be found there!
  14. Straight from the can. The first time I used it was on the wings of a 1/32 sabre to replicate the dull interspar area. Since the nearest hobby shop is a three hour drive from here, I improvised with whatever I had lying around. When I first sprayed it on, I thought it looked kind of heavy, and I thought for sure my weekend would be all about solvents and sandpaper. Within minutes, it had dried to a very thin durable finish. It took masking so well that I now use it with confidence, and have since used it on two Tamiya Mustangs. I still recommend that you spray either a scrap model, or the in
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