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  1. The work on the rivets is amazing. Can't wait to see hour your topcoat turns out.
  2. Decals I ordered took from July to late October to go from USA to BC. Nothing else I have ordered has been a problem.
  3. Absolutely fantastic work you're doing here. I can't suggest any tips to you except this -some of the heat shrink tube will shrink in boiling water and done carefully won't wreck your work. Too late in your case but you seem to have the replacement well in hand.
  4. Found this one on the hyperscale forum: search for Oeffag Apache. Check out the powerplant! Edit: pic attached no problem this morning.
  5. That is fantastic news! I think I may have just peed a little :lol:
  6. What's the story with this one? I see the gunner's canopy is busted and I assume that the small marks are all small arms hits? Or is it shrapnel from a mortar hit? This thread has a lot of great pics. Keep it up!
  7. Got mine today, thanks Floyd they look fantastic. Sure hope I can make one someday that's worthy. Huge thumbs up on getting these things out there for everyone
  8. I've heard several times today that Google earth has recent pics of the area and volunteers are looking on the pics to try and find him. Don't know if it's for real though.
  9. Interesting, I've just been reading about the T-4 and when the nose was raised during flight there were no forward facing windows to look through. A periscope was used and there were some small windows on the sides of the cockpit. Strange to make it without a good way to just look forward. When the nose is dropped the canopy area reminds me of the diesel locomotives in use in North America
  10. Kstater94 -the light channel sharpen is this: In photoshop switch your file mode to LAB mode then in your layer pallate switch to the Channels tab select the Lightness channel and do an unsharp mask only on that channel. After that you switch your file back to whichever mode you were in to start with (most likely RGB) and it's done. This should be very limited as I stated before the final sharpening should only be done when you decide what size print you are making. I can't give you specific settings for this because that changes with each camera body but you should have a very discret
  11. Les I think you're doing a good job of explaining your workflow here. There are two things I'd like to add. I turn the in camera sharpening off and do a very low level sharpen on the lightness channel before sending files into any agency. The sharpening for the final print depends very much on the final print size. For example the sharpening done to a large poster would make a 5x7 print look very 'digital'. That is another great reason to use the PSD format then do the final sharpening and save as a jpg for the printer. Love the A-10 shots too.
  12. Bam this coming july would be 3 years. I doubt if an outsider looking at the scene would recognize it as a dump truck but I know what it is and there's no mistaking that the trees are gone. Edited because I can't count back to 4 today
  13. Hi Bam, yes the pic is newer, I can tell by the big paddocks that used to be a small forest. The first time I ever saw this program I couldn't zoom in very far at all but the forest was there, the pic of my place today I can zoom in a lot more and the forest is gone I can even see my dumptruck in the paddock -too bad I wasn't looking up at the time.
  14. Looking around the area, if you zoom out, to the SE there is a bullseye on the ground and directly W is a circular area that I think has a Mig-21 sitting on it.
  15. Hey Bam, do you mean that Google only has pics that recent from sensitive areas? Because I can find my farm on here and the pic is more recent than that.
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