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  1. I would paint this plane. http://walkarounds.scalemodels.ru/v/walkarounds/avia/after_1950/Su-33_details/image0021.jpg.html
  2. I scratched IR seeker. Not bad, huh~ Nozzles are a bit long. So I cut it. Painted nozzles with lacquer and oil pencils I don't like color etching. So I did washing for darker tone.
  3. Hello, guys. This is my first soviet fighter build :) I used color etching. Wheel bay is good enough. Just painted details carefully.
  4. Hi, guys. Another scooter, again :) Built with resin defa machinegun, extended nozzle, seat.
  5. Hello~ I have made a Hasegawa 1/48 A-4M. This skyhawk kits are always my fav one. :) Tail art is very attractive~
  6. I made the boom with plastic pipes and brass beams and polycaps. Wolfpack design owner is my friend, so I told him to make my concept into a resin item. Well, I can not bet it will be produced.
  7. Hello. R U the publisher of Reid publications, correct? Ur books are so good for medeling. Recently I need the modern Eagle guide that is out of stock. Please publish it again.
  8. U know korean word 'DAEBAK'. Good, good.
  9. Oh~ That's nice. How about join mmzone and show your beautiful works? Maybe u can be the 1st foreigner member of mmzone.
  10. R U a korean living in Canada? Good to see u.
  11. An Nyung Ha Se Yo! (Hello!) Ban Gab Sum Ni Da. (Nice to meet u.) Thank u :)
  12. Hi guys. It's my 1st article. I'm a south korean, living in seoul. 1/48 Tamiya F-16C + metal pitot tube, panel stiffener and some scratchs. I have been thinking about making my F-16 fly without a stand. Yes, it's impossible. But watching a real pic of refueling F-16, I found if I can make a refueling boom, I can attach it to the case and connect my F-16 to the boom. So I scratched a KC-135's boom and realized my plan. The title is from the song 'seaside rendezvous' of Queen, the English rock group.
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