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  1. Marv

    1/48 hasegawa F-16 ADF

    The Castle Air Museum just put a F-16A ADF on display. It is in beautiful condition, but they painted it in a bogus paint scheme, similar to the 144FW C model that had the reverse marking black tail. The story I got is that the major sponsor for acquiring the F-16A from the boneyard wanted it painted that way. Anyhow, it's there if you need to take some pix.
  2. Marv

    1/48th Scale F-35 RAM Panel Decals

    Mark: Thanks for your help on these RAM decals. I am still enthusiastic about these decals, especially after seeing them up-close. The RAM decals are really needed for the Kitty Hawk kits, and yours are the only game in town. Thanks again.
  3. Marv

    1/48th Scale F-35 RAM Panel Decals

    Thanks, Mark, but I think Vodniks' post is pretty convincing...the Wolfpack F-35 decals in 1/48th are too dark. I will not be using the ones that I bought, simply because the color is wrong.
  4. Marv

    1/48th Scale F-35 RAM Panel Decals

    I bought 48-005 (F-35A) and 48-006 (F-35B) and they are printed in the same dark grey. The grey looks very much like FS 36118 Gunship Grey. I don't know what the FS # of the RAM panels should be but these decals look a bit dark to me; I suspect the decals may be unusable due to wrong color.
  5. Marv

    1/48th Scale F-35 RAM Panel Decals

    Mark: My order has been placed, and paid through PayPal. Thanks for making these decals; they have been needed for a long time.
  6. Marv

    1/48th Scale F-35 RAM Panel Decals

    Finally!!! Thanks for posting this info, Mark. I will be purchasing some of those, for sure.
  7. Marv

    Hobby Boss 1:48 Su-17 Fitter is out...

    I have "fondled" both the Kitty Hawk and Hobby Boss Su-17/22 kits, and I have a couple observations. First, the Kitty Hawk kit includes an amazing amount of Russian-designed ordnance...basically, if it isn't in this kit, it probably doesn't exist. The Hobby Boss kit includes a representative amount of rocket tubes, bombs, and missiles, that will allow you to make the model look great; the kit just doesn't have the amount or variety the Kitty Hawk kit has. Second, and perhaps the deal-maker (or -breaker) is the multi-piece fuselage in the Kitty Hawk kit. as opposed to the Hobby Boss kit which includes a more traditional fuselage (one solid piece per side). I have seen Spencer Pollard's videos where he glues together the various Kitty Hawk fuselage pieces; that's just a lot of work to get to where the Hobby Boss kit starts off. Even though Spencer's technique looks promising, you just know that gluing together a rather long fuselage that has three big pieces per side is not going to yield perfection. The rest of the plastic in these two kits looks good, and either should build-up into a great-looking Fitter...it's just how much pain one whats to endure during the build process.
  8. Marv

    356 FG P-51 Mustang Red on the Nose

    Just remember, those pix are of a modern warbird in someone's interpretation of what they thought the 356FG paint looked like. It's probably pretty close, but find some period pix, if you want to be sure about the actual markings and colors.
  9. Marv

    356 FG P-51 Mustang Red on the Nose

    Model Master "Chrysler Engine Red" is a perfect match for that warbird restoration.
  10. Marv

    Icelandic F-15's

    IIRC, the Hasegawa F-15C kits have turkey feathers. What are you going to use for the "featherless" burner cans? I have the Academy, Hasegawa, and GWH F-15C kits, and none really do a good job in this area. Perhaps aftermarket is what I will have to do.
  11. Marv

    Need F-111 help

    The F-111C is essentially an F-111A with long wings. Building it as an -E, or -F, model would entail lots of work, especially when there are kits available to make those marks OOB. The biggest modification would entail changing the intakes to make the -E and -F, and adding a Pave Tack pod if you were doing an -F. My recommendation is to make it either a -C model, or an -A model by shortening the wings. Otherwise, buy another kit to do the -E or -F. Sometimes a bargain means lots of work. FYI: I worked avionics on the old -A models at Nellis.
  12. Thanks for the reply, admiral. I suspect that ongoing MSIP II upgrades probably included the hardware/software to make dropping bombs possible from an F-15C....
  13. Some ANG units have equipped their F-15C's with the Sniper AN/AAQ-33 Advanced Targetting Pod, apparently so these air superiority fighters can ID air targets at a greater distance. My question is: does the Sniper pod give the F-15C an air-to-ground capability? The Sniper pod has many features, in addition to the long-range ID function, such as laser designator, laser spot tracker, GPS, etc., which, if used, should give whatever aircraft that is capable of carrying the Sniper pod an A2G capability. Does anyone know if this is possible? If it is, then mounting some GBU's/JDAM's on a F-15C would be possible. My interest is because I live near the 144FW of the California ANG, which has always been a dedicated air defense unit. This unit has now equipped some of their F-15C's with the Sniper pod. The 194th FS/144FW has also been redesignated as an "Expeditionary Fighter Squadron", and has been deployed to Europe recently as part of the European Theater Security Package. Prior to the F-15C, the 144FW was equipped with F-16C/D Vipers, which had A2G capability. Could we be seeing "mission creep" for the 144FW (and other ANG units), to include A2G? Maybe I'm just overthinking this thing.
  14. Marv

    B-24 Question

    According to Dana Bell's book"Air Force Colors, Vol 2", the white square/block S belongs to the 34th bomb group of the 3rd division of the 8th bomber command, after 13 September, 1943.
  15. Thanks for checking on the B-58; it will be spectacular when it gets there. I will be there in May for Open Cockpit day; maybe the Hustler will be on display then.