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  1. Thanks for checking on the B-58; it will be spectacular when it gets there. I will be there in May for Open Cockpit day; maybe the Hustler will be on display then.
  2. If the "new" B-58 is out, some pix please. Thanks.
  3. It looks like those bombs are included with the new Kittyhawk Su-17 kit (1/48th), along with a bunch of other weapons:
  4. The reality is that there were variations to the official paint diagram, one being the propellor markings. The white/red/white stripes are on the front of the blades, with the rear of the blades having yellow tips. There are many examples of this online. Not sure why the props were painted this way; just an observation.
  5. Testors 1170 is correct; it has been renamed over the years, but today it is called "Flat Light Tan". Cut 1170 with a little white and it really looks the part. And in the little square bottles, it is widely available and priced right.
  6. These paint color topics are always interesting, probably because there is no definitive answer. For WWII "desert pink" color I like Testors flat light tan (#1170), cut with a bit of white. This is the Testors paint in the little square bottles, so it's widely available.
  7. Do the blow-in doors move? If not, it appears the configuration is for on-the-ground, static display, with engine off. I viewed the excellent video, and it showcases your excellent scratchbuilding skills. Congratulations on a great build.
  8. The F-111A was not used for CAS, but was used as a precision strike bomber. This pic is of a pre-production aircraft that was used to establish weapons loading configurations. While interesting, such a load was never used operationally. I worked avionics on F-111A's 1969-72, and one of my systems was the bombing computer (both NCU and BCU). I never saw anything like the pictured is pure fantasy, except for testing purposes.
  9. We need a new-tool AH-1G in 1/48th, the original Huey Cobra. This is the one that started it all, yet kit manufacturers insist on ignoring it, and instead give us variants. A new 1/48th AH-1G, please!!!
  10. Don't forget all the nice aftermarket from Scaledown, located in Australia. The 1/48th kits can be enhanced with Scaledown parts. Also, I agree completely that the absolute best F-111 kits are the 1/72nd Hasegawa kits; too bad Hasegawa doesn't scale-up these molds and make us all happy.
  11. Looks like a major misprint: it's "Lao", not "Loa", as you have spelled it. This would show serious disrespect to the high-time Hmong pilot, Lee Lue, if not corrected.
  12. Where's the Fresno ANG bird? They won William Tell in the California Bear flag markings.
  13. This is the Modelsvit Be-12 that I just finished; it is a great kit that builds into a pretty nice model. I, too, was unsure of the main overall color, and noticed that the color differed between the Ukrainian bird and the Russian one (which seemed to be a bit darker). I finally mixed my own after viewing as many online walkarounds as I could find. I used Tamiya XF-20 medium grey and Tamiya XF66 light grey:
  14. You can find many pix of Hungarian MiG-29's on the "Hunavia" site; this is an underappreciated site that has a lot of pix of the various Soviet-era types used by the Hungarian Air Force. in the last pic, it is interesting to see that the intake doors can be deployed individually: