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  1. Drew it on the bare wood with a black Sharpie before staining.
  2. Thanks! Simply drew it on there with a sharpie before staining.
  3. ... and a few WIP pics. I had another thread showing more in progress shots but it doesn't seem to be on here anymore.
  4. Hello Gents, Some may recognize this build from a few years ago when it was first completed. However, I recently had time to take some new pics using a different camera and a bit more dramatic lighting techniques. 1/48th Hasagawa Resin cockpit (sorry, can't remember who made it) Resin carrier deck (also, can't remember manufacture) Kit-bashed figures (some metal, some plastic, some both) Scratch-built tow-bar and dolly with drop tank Hope you guys enjoy!
  5. Hey guys, Decided to have a go at doing a tribute piece for an EF4C Phantom "Wild Weasel". I already have some very detailed reference for the antennae placement and other details but need additional reference for the specific markings/colors of any of these specific airframes. 64-0840 `Super Cocks Swiss Samilar' 64-0791 `Squirrely Bird' 63-7470 `Rub-A-Dub-Dub' 63-7423 `Jail Bait' 63-7474 `Brain Damage' I did discover that Two Bobs once produced a sheet on EF4c's but I believe they are no longer available. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Steve
  6. Jennings < Thanks for chiming in on this. Yeh, I figured the XB-70 was probably a stretch. Kevan < Thank you for digging up that information! Steve
  7. I suppose it could've been a spectator and/or given chase to some pretty remarkable a/c such as the Stealth Fighter and Bomber, YF-17. Possibly even the XB-70?
  8. Well, thanks for the info. Was hoping for a more notable legacy. Being an early model Phantom, I was kinda hoping it had seen action in SEA. If only it could talk! 'preciate y'all's input.
  9. Hey guys, Saw this a/c yesterday while traveling in Gallatin, TN. It's sitting at a small regional airport. Found this listing but I kinda know this already!! F-4C-20-MC NF-4C 63-7654 JUN97 Gallatin (TN) Regional Airport I can't seem to find any information on the history of this airframe! Anybody have info they'd like to share? Much appreciated!! Steve
  10. Example of a recent "awesome cloud" I was able to capture a couple of weeks ago. (It was aboard a "Family & Friends" cruise on the USS Harry S. Truman) Video link to the above event. It may be uneventful on the inside but witnessing it from the outside is something I'll never forget!! Steve
  11. Stellar work. Thanks for bringing us along. Please keep us updated on your progress. Steve
  12. How about a "ride-along" with a U2 to 70,000ft. From take off to landing. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=d26_1397903726
  13. Here's what I ended up doing on a rally car. I filled the space between the spokes with 5- minute epoxy. Once it dried I airbrushed a soft edge to the spokes and added a bit of color where the wheel decals would've been. The only thing I couldn't really figure out was the tire tread. Next time I think I'll take a piece of clear acrylic rod that has the same OD as the wheel/tire combined and chuck it into a drill (poor mans lathe) and shape it to match the sidewall and rim lip. But for the most part I think the rally car looks like it's moving! Interested in what you come up with!!
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