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  1. I was like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs! Trying to maneuver my camera and tripod around everybody and grab shots when they weren’t blocking the view!
  2. Man, I meant to go back and read about it but got distracted by the next display!
  3. Had an opportunity to fly down to New Orleans to visit the WWII Museum! What an incredible place this is. (Shot with my Nikon D610)
  4. Outstanding. I doubt any of us will ever see one of these built to this level again! 🤙
  5. Thanks. Now if I only had time to spend in there! 👊😐
  6. It’s been a minute since I started this thread but here’s a shot of the “mostly” completed workbench. The red cart is a mobile airbrush stand. I still need to build a small booth that’ll sit on top and vent out the window.
  7. Thanks. Good idea. I’ll have to check the spares and see if I have one. I’ll be bringing it down to the contest in Chattanooga, Tn next weekend and then handing it over to the friend I built it for after that.
  8. Thank you! After an 8yr hiatus, I’m quite happy with it! Thanks for following along!
  9. That’s a wrap folks! I appreciate all the help and advice along this journey! Here are a few “glamour shots”.
  10. Ok. After looking at it for a few days, I “googled” more pics and found that some stripes were brighter and yellow outlined in black. This contrast was much more interesting than my original. So, repainted and also added a “wash” of a sand/buff color overall. I also added the “grounding” port/wire that will attach to model. After a decent dull coat, it was attached to the base/frame. Getting close to the finish line now!!
  11. It’s a high density, compressed board. Used for shelving, cabinets and custom stereo setups.
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