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  1. It's made by Aero Precision and is used for aircraft that don't have a permanently mounted external hoist https://www.aeroprecision.com/pdf/Westwind_Brochure_Generic.pdf
  2. Clinstone


    There is no forward or rear facing seat in the HH-60G. Sometimes a jump seat is installed behind the FE seats for emergency procedures training so an instructor has a seat but it is only home station and fairly rare.
  3. Most of the development work has already been completed by Leonardo after their work for the HH-139. The fist aircraft is scheduled to be delivered to the Air Force in early FY20, only a year after the contract was awarded.
  4. The H-1Y and UH-72 did not meet requirements for payload or range. The H-60 lost to the 139 because Boeing's bid was close to $5 billion cheaper.
  5. The copilot collective lever still works for an Air Force UH-1N.
  6. The box just above the TACAN is the CUGR GPS (that's still used btw). I think that the Argus would get data from the CUGR and display it as apposed to generating it itself. I also doubt that the "86" is the OAT. Every helicopter I've ever been in uses Celsius for the OAT readings since it's the aviation standard.
  7. Mike Durant (and his character in Blackhawk Down) used an MP5 as well. It is small enough to use while in the cabin and doesn't take up too much space.
  8. It’s a Goodrich “internal” rescue hoist that is used on the Huey and other Blackhawks. It’s actually included in the Academy MH-60G kit. I’ve never seen this mounting location but the SOAR does what it wants.
  9. Hawk said that they were "Huey seats". I take that to mean that they were using the jump seats from the UH-1. These jump seats are different than the standard Blackhawk seats and do not have a ceiling attachment point. They are also not crashworthy. There is a four-man bench seat that is also available but I can't find an online picture of it.
  10. Here are some tweeted pictures from SOFIC 2018 (May) that definitely has the pilots wearing SPH-4s.
  11. AN/AVS-10 Panoramic NVGs (PNVGs) have been out for a while. I have flown with them and do not like them as much as the AVS-9s. They block out any ability to look "over" the goggles due to the platform, the tubes are not as adjustable, and they weigh more. Finally they have a "shadow" on the field of view where the images from the tubes are combined in your brain. The AVS-9s have better fidelity and once a scan pattern is developed they are just as good as the AVS-10s. Edit: It also looks like the pilots are using SPH-4 helmets vs the standard HGU-56.
  12. From what I was able to find, the 3247th was part of the USAF Tactical Air Warfare Center in the 1980s and was eventually redesignated the 53d Wing. Below is what the inscription would have looked like.
  13. Only problem I see is that the aircrew figures are wearing the Air Warrior vest instead of the Eagle CIACS.
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