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  1. This is going to be another great sheet. Must have.
  2. Wow, I never knew so many units few the Phantom in ADC Gray. I thought it was just one or two. The F-4 sure looks sharp in ADC colors! Were there any units flying F-4Es in this scheme?
  3. Nearly all the jet mig killers (Phantoms, Eagles, etc) were mundane "line birds" when they got their kills. They only became Wing Kings and CAG birds much later in life due to those victory stars on their sides. That's the beauty of the war time schemes for these birds. They were war hawks driven by eager young Ens, LTs and Capts, not big brass show birds.
  4. TIL. I had to look that up. 9/11/72 Maj. Lee T. Lasseter and Capt. John D. Cummings of VMF-333, flying F-4J BuNo 155526, Shamrock 201. They launched off the USS America CVA-66 for a MigCAP mission. They shot down one Mig-21 with an AIM-9G and damaged another. They sustained damage from an SA-2 and were forced to eject. A second Phantom was also lost due to running out of fuel. All four crew members were rescued. Source: "Mig Killers. A chronology of U.S. Air Victories in Vietnam 1965-1973" Donald J. McCarthy Jr.
  5. I was just looking around for decals for my Monogram F-4J. I see a lot of Vietnam War F-4B decal sheets and tons of USAF F-4C-D-E sheets, but not a lot for the Yankee Station Navy F-4Js. Nearly, all the F-4J sheets I see are post war. There are a lot of kits out there in 1/48. Academy, Italeri, Monogram, Hasegawa made probably dozens of boxings. So how about a sheet for Vietnam Era F-4J Mig Killers? Just throwing it it out there. 🙂
  6. Last year I was building a modern Kadena Eagle. I stole a JHMCS helmet from an F-16 kit and had plans cobble some decals from a few different sheets. I got the kit mostly complete, but progress eventually stalled and it's been sitting in a plastic tote for months. Now I know why. I was waiting for this decal sheet to come out!
  7. That would be awesome! Thanks!
  8. Very cool tribute schemes! What is the topside camo color on that top one? Is that supposed to represent a 355th FG P-51?
  9. Nice! I've been waiting for that F-35B sheet and the F-14 is a must have too! The YF23 sheet's really nice too, already have that one.
  10. KusadA, any chance of re-popping this one (CD48089) at some point in the future? Probably slim to none, but it doesn't cost to ask.
  11. Interesting. Thanks. I'll try some of that to compare. I love Milliput, but keeping it fresh is a problem.
  12. I would love to see these markings on the sheet. I don't even have a kit for them, but I'd buy the decals and look for the kit afterwards!
  13. This sounds a lot like Milliput. I've been using that for similar situations, or even for scratch building small parts that I can shape.
  14. Looks like a bunch of options. Nice! What model Mossies are on this sheet?
  15. Just got mine in the mail today. I agree with everything Charlie said. You gave new life to the Hobbycraft kit. Thanks for putting that Korean War vet on there too.
  16. I've tried a lot of stuff including perfect plastic putty, 3M Acryl, Mr Surfacer, among others. I still use those sometimes, but keep going back to Super Glue (any brand Cyanoacrylate) and ZAP Zip Kicker (to cure it ultra quickly). You have to be quick with it before it cures to hard to sand, but nothing else fills seams as well and makes such a smooth finish without shrinking and showing the seam later.
  17. Unfortunately, Fireball is no longer doing aircraft stuff anymore, he's gotten into pretty nice 1/24,1/25 car/truck stuff now. Sometimes the older decals pop up on ebay now and then though.
  18. Thanks guys I'm going to try the sanding technique again.
  19. Nice to see some love for the B-45! I always liked this aircraft. I sure wish someone would make a 1/48 kit.
  20. Nice! I have the old Classic Airframes kit.
  21. Interesting that they have gone back to the stark black ZZ on the tails like they had back in the 70's and 80's instead of the more subdued gray ZZ that they had in the 90's and earlier 2000's.
  22. In photos, you see a lot of scuffing of the paint and even wear down to the metal on WW2 fighter aircraft, where the pilots and maintenance crew walk on the wing root to gain access to the cockpit and sometimes it even extends somewhat out to the wing gun access panels. I've tried dry brushing, pencils, and also tried spraying layers of aluminum and primers then lightly sanding, sometimes in combination with salt as a mask. I'm just not able to get it to look realistic, compared to photos. I bought some AK chipping fluid to try (or maybe hairspray), but I don't use acr
  23. I dip my clear canopies, lenses, etc in a small cup of Future, then let them dry for a few weeks (Future floor wax, search the forums for info on it). I do this at the very start of the model, it's usually the first thing I do. Future helps clear parts look more clear, I suppose it fills in micro imperfections. I once tried to spray Future on a canopy and it fogged it, looking like heavy rain on a windshield. (luckily it's removable with isopropyl alcohol) Other clear coats sprayed on will definitely fog clear parts.
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