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    Possible piece of Zacto History?!

    This is awesome! I found it in a Deseret Industries Thrift store in layton. neither kit was complete but theres enough between the 2 that i can make one. This is kinda cool to find really Thanks for the confirmation man!
  2. So i picked up an ancient Minicraft/Hasegawa P51D kit from a local thrift store. While popping apart wings and such for cleaning and re-gluing i came across a signature inside the wing. Chris Wilson and Ross Hurt "Mustang Builders Inc." Zacto man could you add any input to this if it rings a bell. I know many years back you cleared your stash at one of the union station contests. is it possible i have come across one of your old works in a roundabout way. There were 2 fuselages in the kit one had been sanded and the fuselage seams were being filled too. one kit was silver plastic one grey. the grey one had the putty work done but the silver one had been signed.
  3. I am recreating a specific aircraft i have worked on and recently bought the heller F16D lit . Overall its OK and i can fix/replace most issues i have with it. However the PW exhaust supplied in the kit is too cone shaped and looks like the augmenter is closed. If anyone has a spare augmenter from an old hasegawa build or other please let me know. i know alot of Hasegawa and Kinetic kits come with GE or Pratt options.

    "MiG/ Su Killer" GB

    Block 42 F16D enroute!. Already have 778 decals on hand

    "MiG/ Su Killer" GB

    Id do it if i could fins a Block 42 F16D. My wife bought a decal set for me a few years back...for the 63fs at Luke AFB which is a unit i was in. They were home to 90-778 the FIRST US F16D to get an A/A kill, AIM 120 kill and BVR. on a mig 25. Lo and behold the Hasegawa sharkmouth 1/48 kit is discontinued... Cant find a decent earlier block 42 F16D kit to save my arse now

    Terminator Hunter/Killer Tank in 1/32 Released

    Got mine today. Beautiful kit. only down side is the rubber band track. COnsidering the track is chrome too it should have been link and length
  7. Like the title says im looking for 2 TER units and one MER. I will also need 6 MK82 slicks and 5 MK117 slicks. Also needed is the centerline pylon for an F4 Phantom. If these things exist in 1/144 scale and you have them to spare please let me know!Just PM me on here!

    Modern 1/32 weapons

    2X TER 6X MK82 with a BSU49B stabilizers? Slant loaded GBU12s on 2 TERS. I dont know if anyone does a small diameter bomb and dispenser in 32 scale yet.

    Oshkosh M1070HET

    A few more pics... A few more...
  10. HWR MKII

    Oshkosh M1070HET

    Balaton model 1/72 resin M1070 kit with revell T-72 added. I didnt add much to the HET and the 72 is straight out of the box. Scratch built some stowage for the HET like drink coolers and traffic cones. 2 coolers are inside it though and can only be seen in person.
  11. HWR MKII

    M60A3 W/M9 dozer blade

    Thanks guys. Heres some in progress shots to show what was added to the base kit.
  12. HWR MKII

    Armor question from an aiplane guy

    ACE from the Ukraine makes some BMD series vehicles. They would be a good place to start.
  13. HWR MKII

    M60A3 W/M9 dozer blade

    Finished this one a few months ago...Just forgot to post the pics. 1/72 revell kit
  14. HWR MKII

    Merkava 1/16

    looks like its a full metal model. Most likely made to order. Research Kenny Kong. He made an abrams and M-60 in the same scale about 5 or 6 years ago. This could be more of his work. They are kits but made for high end RC use. Look at some of the RC tank forums out there. It may give you better leads. I havent been into RC tanks in 3 or 4 years myself.
  15. HWR MKII

    1/144 F-15 Details

    we have been waiting for evell germany to make follow ups to alot of kits with indications for other variants. Looks like ill have to look at my 1/48 one and scale them down.