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  1. Elvirca

    1/48 KINETIC A-6E

    What for Material are you yousing for "Anti Sliding" on you model? Your's modelig skills are AMAZING.
  2. Elvirca

    My small AIR Base 1/48 ...

    This Dio is amazing. Philippe how make you a light in this Aicraft hangar. With Regard's
  3. Elvirca

    VS-24 scout

    Thank's :unsure:
  4. Elvirca

    VS-24 scout

    I hope you can help me? I need good reference pics for S-3B Scout from Desert Storm (cca 1991), becuse I'm doing on my USS Theodore Roosevelt Dio (Gulf War) in 1/48. I need good pics to make my own Decal for S-3B (Eyes of the Storm). Whar paint scheme they have in DS? Any aftermarket decal? Regard's
  5. Elvirca

    VS-24 SCOUT in Desert Storm (1991)

    thank's to all :)
  6. Hello to all!! On my Workbench I have Italieri S-3b 1/48. But now i have one tinny Problem. I need decal and good Reference Photos for my Hoover (S-3B VS-24) from operation DS. (VS-24 USS Theodore Roosevelt). I search, search,... search and nothing. :) Please Help me! Dusan from Slovenia
  7. Elvirca

    Nimitz-class flight deck plan

    Hello ! I have just one question. Which dimension are flight deck plate's on nimitz class carrier. With regard's Elvirca
  8. Elvirca

    Us Missile, Bombms,..

    AIM-9 m/l AIM-120 C AIM-54C AIM-7E all paveway's-(GBU-10, 28,..) GBU-38, 35,32,30,.. ;) :lol: with regard's
  9. Elvirca

    Us Missile, Bombms,..

    Does anyone have any pics of the Air to air missile and bomb's. I need very good pictures or link's, that can I see marking's, stencil on missile's and bomb's. If who, please. with regard's Elvirca