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  1. I agree. Great job on that A-4. Makes me want to add one to my collection.
  2. Those are some nice OV-10's. I love reading about tribute builds. I built a LCVP from my dad's ship for him. I didn't know that he actually was an engineer on the boat. When i gave the model to him, he pointed at one of the men and said, "that was my job until I made rank." That blew me away. Last year I custom built a WW2 destroyer for my wife's boss, a former officer who served on her in the war. He was very surprised and kept gushing about what a nice gesture. I became a hero among his family. :) I would encourage all modelers to find someone to build a tribute for. Gary
  3. Off to a good start. I didn't know the specs on the F, so thanks for the info.
  4. Man, that came out real nice. How are the Skunkmodel kits? GW
  5. Very nice looking H-34. I really like what you've done with it. And I have to agree with the others, your output is mind-boggling. :) GW
  6. This is looking really nice. I've been wanting to add one to the stash, and you're motivating me. :) GW
  7. Well, I finally got her finished. This is a really great kit. I only wish I had better skills so I wouldn't have had to fight myself so much. In the end patience prevailed. I think. Far from perfect, but I had a lot of fun. This is the first time that I recall that I've done scratch work and wiring, other than some seat belts. The ScaleWarship Wessex rotor fold set looked like it was going to be daunting in the beginning but turned out to be very easy to use. These are not the best quality photos because I only have my phone's camera right now. Thanks for looking, Gary
  8. Thanks for the nice comments guys! I got her all prettied up with paint and decals. Another coat or two of Future and it'll be time to weather her. Sorry about the poor quality camera work, but that's all I have for the time being. Thanks for looking, Gary
  9. Thanks guys. Painting now. Should have more soon. Gary
  10. Hello Guys, Thanks for the opportunity to join. I recently found this GB, so I thought I would ask. Here are some WIP shots of my H-34 (HSS-1N) that I've been working on for a few weeks. The kit is excellent in my opinion. The fit is superb, but unforgiving. I am not normally given to much in the way of detailing, but after being inspired by some really nice projects I decided to give it a go. My only aftermarket is the Wessex Blade Fold set made by Scale Warships, which is pretty cool! Again, in my opinion. I cut out the solid portions of plastic for the PE. Threw in a little wiri
  11. Hello, Is it too late to join? I mostly lurk the main page, but saw this GB in the sidebar. I started Gallery's US Navy Rescue H-34 (HSS-1N) in January and posted some WIP's over in HS. If there are no objections, I would love to join. Thanks, Gary
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