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  1. Hello to all, with this my last job I tried to put all my efforts on weathering, trying to give a worn look to my Corsair. The Corsairs of the Marines were really "massacred" by environmental conditions found on the South Pacific islands: hot sun, abrasive sand as crystalline diamond paper, salt made themselves felt on the livery of the great fighters of the Vought. I have depleted all the techniques in my "possession" (Preshading, Postshading, paint chips with toothbrush and maskol, desaturation varied, use of pigments, oil washes and Panel liner of Ak interactive), many of which used to fi
  2. That's all, Thanks for your attention, and now under a new propeller!
  3. These are some photos of the details done before mounting the two semi-fuselage: Continue...
  4. Hello everyone, I want to share my new project ended a few days ago. It 's the Mustangs of Major George Preddy as it was in August 1944, a few days after the famous mission where downed 6 enemy aircraft. The kit is the famous and fantastic Tamiya, I used cockpit set and wheels Barracuda Cast, Eduard photoetched parts and decals Eagle Editions. Continue....
  5. Hi guys, someone knows a standard configuration of loadouts for the froogfoot? Thanks
  6. Hi guys, I want to build a Saudi air force Bae Hawk in scale 1/32 using the revell kit. What are the main difference between version T.1A and mk.65??? Thanks for help!!! :)
  7. Hello everyone, this is the first time that I show my work: EF-2000 Typhoon of Italian air force used during the operation on Libya in April 2011. Kit: Revell 1/32 Cockpit, Nozzle and gear bay: Aires. Eduard photo etched Twomikes resin for APU and FOD. photos: Other immage Here thanks for your attention.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm doing a RF-4E in 1 / 32 scale, the ventral tank is not in the Tamiya kit. I s correct use the one included in the F-15 kits? Thanks
  9. Hi guys, I plan to build an RF-4E luftwaffe and I have the kit Tamija No. 60314 (F-4EJ JASDF). However, the kit contains slotted stabilators, but the ghost recon German mount unslotted version. The kit n 60305 (F-4 C/D) contains unslotted stabilator? Thanks
  10. first of all sorry for my bad English... I would like to construct an F-4F in 1 / 32 scale using the Revell kit, but I read that the nose cone is incorrect....There is some afterkit that corrects? There are other things to be corrected to make a phantom of Luftwaffe. Thanks so much...
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