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  1. Hello all! :) As I'm planning on building Eduards 1:48 Fw-190D9, I came across Eagle-cal set #48108 and one of the aircraft caught me eye. I began looking for photos of aircraft Schwarz I> W.Nr.210119, but didn't find even one single photo in the web. Eagle-cal set is based upon Jerry crandall's book Fw 190 Dora vol 1, and I guess there's at least one photo in there. I can't obtain the book at the moment, and I wonder if someone can direct me to a photo somewhere in the web. I would really want to build this specific aircraft, and I would like to have at least one photograph as a refer
  2. Beautiful paint work! May I ask about your highlight/shadows technique? How do you do it? Thanks.
  3. Beautiful job!!! I love the detailing work! I'll keep watching.
  4. Really?!?! Oh my god! That really sucks! Where should I upload the photos then? Photobucket any good?
  5. Paint job. Part 1 NMF. Since I don't have Alclads or SNJs in my stash, and I normally not a big fan of NMF (motteling is my thing :lol: ) I had to make do with what I have. So after the black color preparation, I sprayed Humbrol 27002 (polished Aluminum) on the entire model. It's suppose to be a buff-able color, so I waited for about 48 hours and tried to buff it. With a soft cotton swab I managed to reach the black underneath. So I resprayed, and waited for about a week. I than top coated the model with Model master Enamel Gloss coat to make sure the next step of (many) masking strips an
  6. Incredible fine job! Simply stunning!! If I may ask, how did you make the pitot tube movable?
  7. Looks great! But dude, you gota' give us bigger pictures! 800X600 preferred.
  8. Beautiful job :) Just browsed the whole thread, and I really like what you did through out! Outstanding!
  9. Thanks a lot Tempestwulf and Darwin :) This is a rather good kit. It doesn't have the wonderful Revell rivet details. but overall it is the best PFM out there. I'm looking forward to build the Bis version as well. I will keep the postings!
  10. Laurent and Grizzly, thank you so much for the kind words. I encountered the nose problem when reading Yufei Mao's, Mig-21 MF Lancer article at hyperscale. I attempted to do the same thing. Here is a picture of the original part, and the modified one. In the picture you may be able to see the needle (inside the plastic Evergreen tube). Like Mao, I cut the tip and glued the needle inside. I used an Evergreen tube as a chuck to go into the "Dremel-like" tool I have. I began rotating slowly and cleaned the excess with a scalpel. I over did it a bit, so I used some putty and reshaped the w
  11. Just opened the building log at the "In progress pics" forum. Click
  12. Closing the fuselage halves together and... "Me not paying attention..." Zvezda forgot to add a rear bulkhead and they left a nice hole to the back of the ejection seat, and I missed it... Built my own from scratch, and added the rails for the KM-1 seat. (see the little holes at the side? I will fix it later. I added the wings to fuselage, and added the rings to the under wing antennas. Yeap! They are overscale! The main landing gear was added with some hydraulic lines, and the anti skid "thingy". The rear landing gear was given some extra work. I think the "Scissors" mechanism
  13. Hello guys. In my local LHS there was a sale on Zvezda models. I bought both PFM and Bis moedels for a rather low price. When I opened the box I was surprised with the amount of the details. The Bis model is a bit better then the PFM detail wise. So, I began with a bit of scratch work. First I added details to the After burner. Because of the scale I decided on my masking tape. Next was the KM-1 ejection seat. At the time, to my eyes..., the seat head was too steep, and too tall, so I trimmed it off. In retrospect, I removed a bit too much. I kept adding the seat belts and some bits
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