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  1. All prices in USD. Outside the US pays actual shipping cost. PAYPAL ONLY DECALS F-4E Kara Sahin Two Bobs 48-198 - $12 shipped KIT Zvezda BF-109 F-4 - $15 shipped LARGE PAINT SPRAY BOOTH FOR TEXAS RESIDENTS ONLY - PACE PEACEKEEPER DELUXE SPRAY BOOTH - $450 WILL DELIVER TO DALLAS OR MEET HALFWAY FOR HOUSTON/AUSTIN/SAN ANTONIO - Retail is $495 + $150 Shipping.
  2. Getting out of the hobby. This spray booth will fit large models like a 32 Su-27. Its in great condition and all the switches and outlets work fine. They sell for $495 plus $150 shipping from Pace. Ill take $450 for it. No shipping. I will deliver it to Dallas or meet anyone halfway between Dallas and Houston. PM for details. Pardon the mess in the photo
  3. Supposedly KH is reviewing design process and engineering which is leading to a release delay. No idea if thats actually true Ive just seen it floated in a couple of places.
  4. Hobbyworld-USA? If so good deal Matt is a great guy to deal with.
  5. Cancel that order if you can and get one from Matthew Bole at Hobbyworld-USA. I had the upgraded kit a week after I ordered it and this was early February
  6. Speaking of Ugandan AF Su-30s. Does anyone have any photos of Ugandan MKKs with bombs? Ive been poking around for some photos and havent had any luck
  7. Good enough. Might have to pick up a 48 Su-24 and snag this sheet as well
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