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  1. Probably a stupid question but does anyone have an idea of what color the Chinese cockpit would be? Im really leaning towards a J-15 build
  2. Mawz stated that he had issues getting it so the link was for him. If you need it and cant get it local its an option. I order stuff from Redstar and Hobbyworld both of which are between 800 and 1700 miles from me, depending on the shop. Oh and you're welcome.
  3. http://www.elmcityhobbies.com/shop/ For those looking for Vallejo in Canada.
  4. Really hope this is sarcasm. Old has been paints being discontinued isnt a big deal. There are far better choices available.
  5. Mr. Paint has it http://mrpaint.sk/eshop/farby/lietadla/USA?product_id=150 Pretty sure Redstar has it coming in soon for a US distributor
  6. Does anyone know what kit or aftermarket company has the Alkan twin store carrier. Wanting to put a load of dumb bombs on my Gripen Thanks for any help
  7. Ok not sure if this is the right spot for this but here goes. If you haven't looked at Hobbyworld USA you should. My recent experience with Matt has been far better than any other transaction I've had in this hobby. There's a personal touch there that you don't get in a lot of online shops. Just wanted to put this out there. The website is http://www.hobbyworld-usa.com/Store/ He carries the Hobbyzone modular workstation system Anyways if this is inappropriate I apologize. Happy Modeling Tim
  8. Agreed. I also agree with your post in the other thread about being almost afraid to offer any constructive criticism. TO be honest though I havent posted any builds so usually I just lurk and dont say a word.
  9. Like him or hate him guy is on point. http://doogsmodels.com/2015/09/23/down-with-attaboy-culture/#more-3569
  10. Been reading Doogs blogs for a bit now. Guy is on point and has a "not a single f$%# is given" attitude which is refreshing.
  11. +1 on that. Great to deal with.
  12. Prefer to buy but I might have something youre looking for. PM me with what you want
  13. 1/48 sheet number 48050 I know its a long shot but figured it couldnt hurt to ask.
  14. I'm considering purchasing a Pace Peacekeeper Deluxe paint booth. Anyone have one of these? Are they worth the expense?
  15. Ugh, here take my money! Can't wait :)
  16. Thank you for the info. Ill see if I can run down a copy
  17. Maybe this will motivate me to finish something. Count me in
  18. What reference book gives you the most bang for your buck in regards to Flankers? Thanks in advance for the assist.
  19. Anyone have any pics? Im trying to get this built for a GB on another site. Thanks for any input.
  20. Thanks for the input I dropped into Hobbytown and picked up another bottle. He's not grounded just admonished a bit.
  21. Ok so I get home from work today and my son has used my 250ml X-20a to clean his brushes he was using to paint his 64 Ford Mustang model. Is this still useable for my airbrush? Can I strain it through cotton or will it work ok as is? Its black atm....
  22. Yeah...Im not that talented. Looks good though. I was thinking something like a wall rack would work better for me.
  23. Ok guys I need some input here. What do you keep your paints in? Is it a wall rack or a step down spice type rack? I am looking for a wall type rack and as of yet have not been able to find one that I like. Any thoughts?
  24. Id like to take a look at what you have. twistedtexxan@hotmail.com if you wouldn't mind.
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