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  1. Ok Ive searched and searched and havent been able to nail down if these pylons exist in 1/48. So I come here in search of knowledge If they don't exist then Ill just throw 4 Mk 83s in that paint scheme on it.
  2. A list of the Ukrainian Splinter scheme colors would be great to. Preferably enamels
  3. I hear ya Oryx. I spent 12 years total between acitve duty and reserves in the USAF so I know what you mean. Im also curious if any kits have the weapons pylons used by the SAAF. I read that Denel Aviation is producing the pylons for the export Gripens. Why I cant just build it clean I do not know
  4. Part 48011 to be specific. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I am about to order some Iris-T missiles from Dr Pepper for my SAAF Gripen. Anyone know what color the South African variant would be?
  6. Feb 23, 1991, several F-16s provided CAS with cluster bombs for a pinned down ODA 525. Would anyone happen to know the units involved and whether or not decals are available? Thanks in advance Tim
  7. Heck Id take several items in 1/48. I wanted to do a loading scene with a 60k Tunner loader but absolutely no one makes any type of AMC equipment that I know of. <_<
  8. Thanks alot. Edit: I saw a thread a few weeks back talking about landing gear color. Check the link below for several good pics of the SAAf Gripen LG http://www.saairforce.co.za/gallery-and-media/42/gripen-d
  9. To quote my daughter...you guys are awesome. Thanks so much for the info.
  10. No, you guys have been very helpful. I guess I will just have to build a 2 seat Gripen in SAAF markings then. Darn, I have to build another model
  11. Three questions for the experts. 1. Does anyone make a SAAF decal set for the JAS-39C? 2. What colors are used by the SAAF on their Gripens? 3. Anything special the SAAF uses as far as weaponry? Thanks for taking the time to check this out. I have become very impressed with the knowledge that is floating around these here forums.
  12. Does anyone have or know where I can get the Return of the Raiders decal sheet in 1/48 Fox One part #48-015? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. The following in 1/48 Academy JAS-39 Gripen Academy Su-27 Flanker Hasegawa SH-3H Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept Rescue 5 scheme (so scared to try this) Revell B-1B with PE burner cans and a touch of resin :D To be honest the Sea King LASD variant intimidates me a bit so it'll probably be the last kit I so I have time to get my sea legs back.
  14. I have been looking at this one and its a strong contender. How is the Iwata Silver Jet compressor?
  15. Ok folks, I have been lurking on these here forums for a few months now. I used to build models when I was a kid and have recently gotten back into the hobby. I have several kits that I am working on but I am at a stand still at the moment for lack of an airbrush. I would like to keep the cost in the $125 range for the airbrush itself. My fiance is actually getting it for me for my birthday this weekend. Ill be purchasing the compressor myself. I have looked at the Iwatas and Badgers and I am having issues deciding. Any input would be appreciated. Oh and Im looking at double action ari
  16. Well it looks like Ill just be building an OOB U boat. I think I'd rather just nail the build as is rather than f it up trying to modify the kit. Thanks for the input though.
  17. Thanks for the info. I may just have to build a U boat if it comes down to it.
  18. Converting the U kit. My buddy is assisting me with the details he just doesnt know that its intended for him. Im going to place it on a tarmac along with the dagger and coins he received when he got out of the Air Force. His wife just has to get the dagger anc coins out of the house without him noticing =/
  19. I am about to start a 1:48 AC-130 that I intend to build as tail number 69-6568. My question is are there any good after market decals for the AC. I am building this for a buddy of mine who worked on the guidance and control for the AC-130s and he used to complain about this particular bird constantly. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. Has anyone seen one of these? I am lookign to put together a C-130 loading dio. 60 K Tunner loader John Deere 10k AT Forklift Thanks Tim
  21. Great shots. You even caught LASD's Rescue 5 in the background.
  22. Ok well I found the colors for Rescue 5. Dupont Imron 6000 paint, colors; April Green # L0359HL, Yellow# L0127HL, Signal Green # L0455HL, Carter Gold # L0388HL, and clear coat # 3480S.
  23. Well I just got the 1/24 scale LASD emblems and they are way to small.....guess Ill hit up some of my old partners and see if anyone has any LASD emblems in a digital format.
  24. 98? Jeez has it been that long..... Thanks I would really appreciate the pics.
  25. I thought they had a hawk go down back in um 03? I was a deputy at the time. A teenage girl was killed in the crash. An another note, any chance anyone will be at that airshow and can do a walkaround?
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