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  1. Hello, I say the Gunze H23 is too bright red based on my blown samples. The shade of the Gunze H327 is almost the same as the red of Furball. I suggest a white base under the red color.
  2. MRP-101 MRP-233 MRP-244 MRP-104 And you don't have to mix ...
  3. I'm talking about white inscription. Black is okay.
  4. There is a bad name on the decal too.
  5. Hello, My decal arrived yesterday. Printing work is acceptable, but there are inaccuracies such as Jack Ernie’s name in the 2012 and 2013 Scheme. I have not used it yet, so I can not say anything about decal properties.
  6. Hi guys, I'm looking for 1/72 Skylancer Decals 7203 F-89J decal sheet. I can pay with Paypal. Thanks, Csaba
  7. And any chance 1/72 sheet?
  8. Hi, 160685: 104 Iceman/Slider (VF-213) 160665/160694: 114 Maverick/Goose (VF-1) 160695: 203 Cougar/Merlin (VF-1) I suggest you search the Fightertown 48-077 decal.
  9. Fujimi A-4B/C/E/F Skyhawk.
  10. Hi, Here are the colors: Cockpit FS 26320 Wells Gear FS 34092 Dark Green Upper Fuselage RAL 7000 ~ FS 35237 Lower Fuselage RAL 7040 ~ FS 36375 Csaba
  11. Kursad, Any chance of doing some aggressor Skyhawk in 1/72?
  12. Hi I'm looking for F-16C/D Vipers from Midwestern Air Guard (72-016) decals , thanks Csaba
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