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  1. That is the display for the Integrated Vehicle Health Maintenance System (IVHMS). Short answer is that is monitors vibrations and engine health to quickly allow maintenance to diagnose issues. An Army story on the system is here.... https://www.army.mil/article/64591/hums_allows_helicopter_repair_crews_faster_maintenance Dan
  2. No we couldnt leave them in the aircraft for security reasons, you all in the AF have the very strict red line rules and SP's roaming.
  3. There are places to put your rifle as seen in the photo, the little pull tabs hanging from the overhead console is where the muzzle goes and the butt goes on the back of the center console. When I flew med I would place the rifle on the right side of the seat and loop the seatbelt through the rifle sling to keep it in place. I didnt have time to mess around with trying to get it in the little holder and still make the 15 min launch time so right next to me was the best, even when we flew doors off and I was right seat. The crew chiefs there was a similar mount for their rifles next to the broom closet. Hope it helps. Dan
  4. The idea of the "V" model is to allow the pilots to be able to transfer between units as it said in the article. Also on the functional side it is a necessity for the C2 birds that didn't get the air worthiness release on the "M" model. So it goes back to having pilots, particularly those straight out of flight school, trained on a "M" and going to a "L" unit so it wont be an issue once they go "V". We shall see once its all said and done. Dan
  5. @Snake36Bravo... I flew that dirty bird.. 843 and have it as a screen saver on the laptop. I loved the splotchy CARC on it from all the mods, upgrades, and corrosion inspections and have it as a "need to build". After several years in A-Stan it was quite the dirty bird. The only gray you will see on the blackhawk is the cabin area and any "art work" such as tail numbers. The blades did get colorful when operating in the desert and you made due with what ever spray paint you had to cut down on the erosion of the leading edge of the blades. I saw some tan, orange, and even red that looked pink when they were spinning ones on various aircraft. Dan
  6. The blades do go straight back. The main transmission has a 3 degree forward tilt and thus allow the forward blades to rotate back using the pivot point on the "back" blade pin and align under the back blades. The "ball and socket" is the blade dampener that allows some lead and lag of the blade in the elastomeric bearing. The Navy has their dampener linked in with hydraulics to move the blade back but not up or down. On the Non-automatic folding blades the brackets used as in Ginos pictures aid in the proper alignment of the blades when folded. The Navy uses the folding system out of necessity as it takes a well trained crew of 5 about 45 minutes to an hour to fold them otherwise. Matt nice work on the CAD they look great. Dan
  7. Hello All, Long time lurker, not very often offering anything up, especially on this board. Here is a little guy I just finished up for a campaign on another forum. I have always liked the BRDM and thought they looked cool. Found a camo pattern I liked and gave my new airbrush a whirl, still need to practice getting the consistancy right on the paint to prevent the splatter. Hope you all enjoy. Dan
  8. Actually the seat does slide forward and back a little bit, The release for vertical movement is under the seat on the right side and fore-aft movement is on the left side under the seat. And as stated before the pedals can adjust fore-aft also. Dan
  9. Interesting note for those doors. Found out this week that the clam doors come from Ford Econoline vans. That was from someone who flew the Army VH60s in the DC area. Oh the piece meal the military does. So just look for a 48 scale van and take em. Dan
  10. Freaking awesome. Great looking build. Its beautiful. Dan
  11. Nice build. Love the extra touch giving it some depth with the styrene. Cant wait to see her lit up. Since ive never done any lighting, how do you mask the fiber optics when you paint? Keep up the good work. Dan
  12. Ahhh, im gonna miss he old girl YUH. Nothing like comparing it to the modern version, but this is definitely a sweet addition. Cant wait to get back to mother Rucker and check her out. Thanks for posting Ray. Dan
  13. Nice job on the viper and refueling probe. Now just get to work on that KC 135 to complete it. Dan
  14. Fantastic build. Love the detials. That is one menacing jet.
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