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  1. Wow- I like that! Would you please share your technique for the realistic paint chipping effect? I need to do something like that on a F3D Skyknight that I'm working on. If I could get the chipping to look as good as yours then I'd be really happy!
  2. The Grand Phoenix/AZ Model 1/48 Demon is quite nice, IMHO. Yeah, it's a short-run kit with fit issues, but it contains loads of nice Aries resin bits. HobbyBoss is going to be hard pressed to improve upon it.
  3. Thank you all for the kind comments. I'm starting on the Czech Model F3D Skyknight now, so wish me luck. I'm gonna need it.
  4. Tamiya kit + Eduard photoetch and AeroMaster decals. Paints are Alcad II and Testors Metalizer & Model Master. This kit is engineered so well it practically falls together. What a pleasant experience after my last 2 projects. I wish they could all be this easy.
  5. I think so. There are some photos in this book showing the trimmer in neutral position, but the vast majority of them appear to be deflected up to some degree. I built the Tamiya 1/48 Skyray, and it allowed me to adjust the trimmers: I think the slats just hang down freely when the aircraft parked.
  6. I have the Ginter book on the Skyray, and virtually all of the photos of parked aircraft show the slats extended and the pitch trimmer in the "up" position.
  7. That's what she said! Sorry, couldn't resist.
  8. I have the Ginter book on the F3H, but unfortunately there are no close-up photos of the McDonnell seat. However, you can see glimpses of it in several wide-shot photos, and some appear to be gray while others appear to be black. The headrest appears to be black in all cases. I went with a gray seat, black headrest, and olive drab belt on my Demon.
  9. Just beautiful! I love to see justice done to old Monogram kits like this.
  10. Sweet! I'm working on this same kit right now, but I've a long way to go before it looks as good as yours!
  11. Yes, it will. I routinely apply oil wash --> Future -- > ModelMaster enamel, and I've never had a problem.
  12. Wow! Super work on the SEA camo paint job
  13. Just lovely. I have the same kit & decals, and I hope they turn out this well (someday...)
  14. I still haven't received my order, but I stopped holding my breath many months ago.
  15. I second the Ford nomination. It's a great kit of an interesting subject: If you're feeling bold and enjoy using profanity then try a Hobbycraft F7U Cutlass or a Grand Phoenix F3H Demon:
  16. I asked for these too. Also, a B-66, A-3, and F-94C in 1:48.
  17. Thank you! Yes it is, and there are lots of good reference photos for it out there on the Internet. Oddly enough, I have 3 different books on the F-105, but there are no pictures of this plane in any of them.
  18. Thank you! The yellow stripes are painted. I painted them first, then I masked with very thin strips of Tamiya tape that I cut with a scalpel and a steel ruler. I followed this with a coat of olive drab. I used Tamiya tape on the canopy and windscreen too. It is fantastic stuff for fine masking.
  19. This is the venerable Monogram F-105D kit. I rescribed it and gave it a loadout of 3,000 lb. M-118 bombs. The bombs and center-line tank are from the Cobra Company "Rolling Thunder" resin set, and they are superb. I also added a Legend ejection seat and Eduard photo-etched details. Decals are by AeroMaster, and the SEA camo colors are Testor's Model Master. Exhaust and speed brake petals were painted with Alclad II and Testor's metalizers. This kit took over a year to build, and during this time I read "When Thunder Rolled" by Ed Rasimus and "Thud Ridge" by Jack Broughton. I highly recommend
  20. Sometime around December '09 I gave up on ever getting my order, so I emailed him and asked for a refund. I figured that even if he was unable to get to the post office he would at least able to get to a computer, logon to PayPal, and refund my payment. No reply. Prior to this he would at least reply to my inquiries about my order status.
  21. Looks great! I like the cut-away presentation.
  22. I placed my order with him in August '09, and so far I've got bupkis.
  23. Yes, it's a nice kit alright
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