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  1. Try a tiny spot with Q-tip using goo gone and see if will take the goo off without damaging the paint. wash off with mild soapy water after. JD
  2. Hello Ben and Tracy- Thank you for the great info- greatly appreciated!! JD
  3. Boz- Thank you for the info- It's greatly appreciated! JD
  4. Hello- I'm new to airline models, and looking for suggestions on decaling the passenger windows. My plane has holes for the windows and a one piece decal to put over the windows. Is this the usual method for 1/144 scale? Will the decal hold up where not supported? Any suggestions or tips are appreciated! JD
  5. Fantastic job on this plane! The multicolors on the exhaust is terrific! The whole paint job is amazing- JD
  6. Thanks for the great info on the kit- You did a great job painting the canopy and interior- Well done! JD
  7. Great job on this- paint details and weathering! Thanks for sharing! JD
  8. Beautiful Model- great paint job and decals!
  9. Great shots! Thank you for sharing- greatly appreciated!
  10. With the yellow tips you'll need to prime with white. If you can, prime with white on the wing tips and on the tips of the verticle stabilizers. I used model master insignia yellow and got a nice rich yellow. JD
  11. Yes you picked a tough one for an early project, but you will be very experienced and ahead of the learning curve when you're done! JD
  12. Hello- The plane is looking great! I have done a couple of these in the last two years for commission builds and they are quite a project. Glad to see someone else doing one. Looking forward to your progress pics! Nice work so far! JD
  13. Hasegawa 1/72 SU-33 with Ace Combat Simulator scheme. Acryl paint with Alclad on the engines. Frisket and hand taping masking. JD
  14. Yes- it was just put up the home page for the website. Thanks JD
  15. This is fantastic- extremely well executed! Congrats! JD
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