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  1. Armada Argentina marks would be great !
  2. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. Great project. Unfortunately and if I'm not mistaken the "0564" no longer exists. It crashed few years ago.
  4. Stunning result.
  5. Good work. Really nice. I just bought the Italeri kit only to get the Yugo decals for the Trumpeter one.
  6. Stunning paint work! Congratulations.
  7. Some time ago I remember seeing one video where the colour dots where well visible. But now I´m not finding it.
  8. Is not a question of reading. Some Su-24 had stencils in the form of colored dots (red, yellow and blue).
  9. I know but many stencils are different.
  10. WOW!! What about the stencils ?
  11. Hi If someone has the decals for the Katanga version from Max Decals sheet please contact me. I would like to buy.
  12. I saw the fit problems that you have with this one. Really nice work.