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  1. My Ebay listing

  2. My Ebay listing

    Here is the link to my Ebay listing. https://www.ebay.com/sch/merchant/raliman.123 Thanks for looking . Luix
  3. Su-57 (PAK-FA) in Syria

    Hundreds and not a single pic of one or two of them ? Strange.
  4. Su-57 (PAK-FA) in Syria

    Do you still believe in Santa Claus ?
  5. carlos enriquefolchramirez redtailvc8 ( 780)
  6. Last week this guy canceled a purchase with the excuse of losing his job. !
  7. Israeli F-16 shot down over Syria

    Of course not. In 1999 Nato took hours and hours to admit that had lost an F-117.
  8. Israeli F-16 shot down over Syria

    They would meet their terrorist friends. Nothing to worry about.
  9. Israeli F-16 shot down over Syria

  10. F-16I shootdown, tail code?? info?

    SAM 75 Divna
  11. Su-25 Frogfoot

    I hope to see decals for the "RF-95486/06 Blue".
  12. New decal from Begemot - 72-034 MiG-29SMT

    No mention on the planes used in Syria ? http://www.begemotdecals.ru/doc/72-034 MiG-29SMT.pdf
  13. Aconcagua have resin conversions for the E/F version. http://www.aconcaguamodels.com/prod/det_d_01.htm
  14. Su-30MK II, Venezuela, Academy 1/48

    Congratulations. Beautiful work.
  15. F-84G

    Very nice.