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  1. In the first scene the plane doesn´t have the dayglo on the wing tips but in the scene after we can see the dayglo :) 1:18:59.
  2. I will start a Katanga Magíster (1/72 scale) and I was also confused about the number of the plane who attacked the UN soldiers. Some sources tells that "92" did not have the dayglo paint.
  3. This is the Tucano (EMB-312) and not the Super Tucano (EMB-314) already released by HB.
  4. Probably the "belly," I hope.
  5. Thanks.
  6. i'm speechless.
  7. Looks great. Always good to see South American birds. Where did you get the base stand?
  8. Just beautiful! I like this cammo a lot. I´m planning to assembly one with portuguese markings.
  9. Looks great.
  10. Perfect. Well done.
  11. Amazing details. Looking forward to see more advances.
  12. Amazing one. The scratch on the seats looks amazing.
  13. One of the ugliest aircraft ever, in my opinion. The model looks great. Good job.
  14. Frems has a nice MB339 and Italeri will rebox it. A Pucara would be great for sure.