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  1. HB 1/48 EMB-312

  2. Jadotville Fouga Magister 1/48

    Super detail work. I´m enjoying a lot this work.
  3. 1/72 Mig-29 (digital Fulcrum)

    Stunning. Really great.
  4. Already in my hands. Looks great.
  5. I really enjoyed the small Airfix kit. No issues during assembly. The decals are from the portuguese maker BlackCat decals.
  6. I did not order from Hannants. Everything is OK now. Paypal has just unlocked the payment.
  7. I order one sheet and guess what ? Paypal has suspended the payment for review. They think I'm sending money to Syria.
  8. I have one in my stash but after seeing this one on Ebay I´ll keep mine on the stash for a long time.
  9. Well done. I´m not a fan of the Harrier but I like this one.
  10. SB-17 G Portuguese Air Force

    Fantastic work. And great pics.
  11. Sorry but I only see 1/72 and 1/48 Fencer "family".
  12. I have tried but without sucess. I´ll try again.
  13. Kotey, when we can buy from your Ebay store those decals ?
  14. My 1/48 IRIAF Saeghe

    Great. Good work.