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  1. Thanks all. Realised now that these are indeed 2 different aircraft as said! Does anyone know if PT-17s were used post-WW2 for the USAF (in any capacity?) of course it would be well out of date by then...
  2. I am considering converting a 1/72 Revell Stearman PT-17 into an US Navy N3N. Reading into the trainer a little and seeing photos on lines of various N3N’s online, What needs to be altered? horizontal stab needs to be larger undercarriage different As something extra I am interested in the use of the N3N with post-1945 stars and bars which would look a bit different for a model!
  3. Anyone here know the US Carriers that had the FJ-4 and FJ-4B operating on them? Looking for some inspiration for the 1/72 Emhar jet I am currently building. There are some good images of Wingpallet.com which keep popping up in google searches and tempted to finish it as operating from USS Bonhomme Richard or if they flew from the USS Intrepid this would be great as I visited the museum a few years back.
  4. Hi I am starting a 1/72 Hobbycraft C-45H and wanting to find some US colour/ operator options. Are there any resources online or otherwise that can be recommended. I have had a look at WingPallet.com and there are some good options here to start but hoping others here may be able to present some information: thanks!
  5. Your build looks great! I actually found your build yesterday via a quick google search- saved in my bookmarks as a useful reference now. The modern (1990's) Super Seasprites look to have larger engines than the Airfix example? am I right or is it a trick of the light grey scheme against the older dark colours
  6. On getting one I want to create a US Navy Super Seasprite used in the mid 90's, what alterations can be done (DIY scratch building) to update the machine? Also, what other schemes might be on offer, It looks like I will have to go with a faded grey scheme. The seasprite was also used in Vietnam so maybe there are a few interesting (twin engined) versions here? gunship? troop carrier? etc I want to do somthing different to the blue/grey and yellow flash Navy kit option
  7. I have gained a passing interest in the Boeing C-22 (basically because I have an Airfix 1/144 Boeing 727 to make Would anyone here have flown on one in service with the USAF? were they kept clean or did they show much use (weathered) I am interested in perhaps using the USAF decals made by Minicraft (I have to find some first) What colours did C-22's wear? The one in the link below looks white but were there any silver ones? http://www.wallpaperhi.com/thumbnails/detail/20111126/boeing-c-22-jet-1280x800.jpg Also: I am looking for any period photos of the C-22 in use (further than a google search!) all help is appreciated. PT
  8. Thanks Neil, a helpful insight. would I be right in saying that then Dan-Air had a number of 708's (like the one you were involved in) and 708's depending on where they purchased or leased the airframe from. I have been shown the website http://www.vickersviscount.net which has a listing of users and types so i hope to find one to make. thanks.
  9. Can anyone help with some information on 'early' type Vickers Viscounts used by Dan-Air I am wanting to use the Glencoe 1/96 kit as a basis to build a Dan-Air operated airlner and as it is a type 700 I want to finish it as an early version (bulged cockpit and shorter fuselage) I have called up a load of photos on airliners.net and they show a small number of '700' types but do state various model numbers '70'8 '724' what are the differences between these versions? hope someone can help. thanks
  10. Arrived in the post today! Awesome service from you Paolo- a credit to ARC!!! (btw do you have a scan of the instructions that go with the set? no worries if you don't) I have found a copy of the net http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10198891z2/70/2
  11. Looking for spare 1/72 UH-60 parts from the Italeri Black Hawk if anyone has any spares or broken, unused or unwanted kits?
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