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  1. Thank you for the input. I got the Don Logans book and was able to get most information. Underside and some areas of the topside have to use some imagination but I have the feeling this is as good as it gets with the available pictures out there.
  2. Hi, one of the pictures is also in "Roger Ball" the Biography of Hawk Smith and it states this was the look of the plane during an evaluation by Top Gun (Hawk did 6 hops in the Cobra) in 77`. Thanks and br
  3. Unfortunately not that good. The carrier film practically disappears using Setter and Softer but the ink on the sheets I used was so strong and thick that it would not lay into panellines, even when using boiling water or a hairdryer. Best regards, Thomas
  4. Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, I´m looking for pictures of the YF-17 in the three tone scheme during Navy evaluations for a 1/144 kit of this subject. There are two pictures I know (the ones below pop up immediately in a google search, I don`t own any rights) but they leave a lot of the camo to imagination. Any more material on this beauty out there? Thank you, Thomas https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DUh7o4FUQAAAO7g.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DUiAbZrV4AEvlNF.jpg
  5. I have one in my home but not available for a few more weeks. What are you looking for? New nosecone as promoted is actually not included, just the resin nozzles and the bomb bay stuff. BR Thomas
  6. Thanks a lot GW! In 1/144 the options are actually quite limited, but the Platz A-4 fuel cans come with a rack that should make an easy conversion for the early version and BRU-32s are available through several sources. However I do like your pic with the Harpoons, that is something to follow upon for another project. Br Thomas
  7. Great Thx a lot! I will iclude that on the next early tomcat!
  8. Hey guys, as I´m always looking out for odd loadouts for my Tomcat collection in 1/144 i came across these two ladies in David Browns book Tomcat Alley: One is clearly a travel pod (although i`ve never seen any photos of Tomcats carrying them). But what the heck is the other? Looks like an A-4 or A-7 Fuel can to me???
  9. At least from all pictures I´ve seen yes, both as B and as D Testcat. Somebody might correct me there. The display on Intrepid has theem as well, although the did change the burner cans/engines once more on that thing?
  10. Also researching this bird for a 144 build with the wicked loadout of 4x Mk84 & 2x HARM. Indeed when in the final stage for the D prototype, dual chinpod, no lumps and bumps on glove vane. The pictures i have of this loadout do have the bump on the left front gear door as well als the ecm antenna on the tail.
  11. Hey all, as the infamous "Powder Puff" Block 90 Tomcat will be one of my next 144 tomcats (my 10th to be exactly). I was thinking about the colours. I like to use acrylics without to much mixing. Right now I use both Revell, Vallejo and Ammo. I did find FS 35450 and FS35622 in the Vallejo range http://cdn.acrylicosvallejo.com/80a8933e901cb4f58e71ec32d0968d07/CC071-Rev19.pdf But looking at colour profiles and FS3450 else it comes around much bluer than in the Vallejo chart http://www.colorserver.net/showcolor.asp?fs=35450 I know colour charts should not be trusted but did anyone use this colour before and has experiences? Or another brand you can recommed? Thx Thomas. And as teaser here is Nr. 9, just finished
  12. As I`m also eagerly waiting to build my five operational orbiters (Enterprise is done as she needs no tiles) when Hotdogs decals become available (hint*hint*hint) I think I have two sets from Keith Mc Neil still in my stash. No idea what I paid back then. Just PM me if you`re interested. Best regards, Thomas
  13. Unfortunately one can only choose United States as postal adress. Any chances to get these to Europe? I definitely need this Top Gun sheet.... Best regards, Thomas
  14. Had the same idea for quite some years..also designed and printed my own decals for it...but I`d rather use yours than my inkjet printed ones...and I have to start over anyway with a new "Mig-28" from Revell as I cracked the canopy on a nearly finished Dragon one...
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