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  1. Nice! Well, I am working full time on sturgeon conservation here on the Danube 😉 To be found on IG @sturgeon_conservation or on YT https://www.youtube.com/@life-boat4sturgeon
  2. B61 & B83 https://www.hlj.com/1-144-scale-aircraft-weapon-set-3-special-weapons-50-plzaw-3
  3. Hi Gents, for the Hornets GB I`m playing with an 144 scale EA-A8G with the retor scheme during the CONA celebrations. I`m with FS3675, 35420, 35052, is that correct? Unfortunately the decal instructions from Fightertown I can find online are not high enough in resolution to figure it out. Thank you, Thomas
  4. Thanks guys✌️ The bases are all old CDs, DVDs..etc, then covered with prints or dioramas. The small ships are made of white metal from https://www.magistermilitum.com/scale/1-6000.html
  5. I started the year with this LS A-10 with decals from..hmm I do not remember the manufacturer...anyhow, together with a U-Star M-60 with additional armour from Dameya and a Humvee from Azoara. and this Platz QF-106 oob So that was 2021several entries for my Nasa shelf and multiple for my Tomcat shelf 🙂
  6. Another Shelf of Shame Revell Tomcat finished as gate guard An AFV Club Corsair with a 1/2400 Yamato under Attack Another AFV Club Corsair with a sexy ride.
  7. Plenty of pictures of these two submission to the Tomcat GB in the GB Revell F-14A and Sweet A-6M and Revell F-14B with 3D printed parts from Dameya, Platz Weapons, Goffy PE & Resin, Fightertown decals and more good stuff.
  8. Something from the Shelf of Shame since 2024, a Trumpeter SU-27. Not my best work so not many pictures. These were also not finished in time for the GB, Revell F-14B & F-18F, decals from Fightertown both
  9. A little earlier this Revell AV-8B got finished. It was modified with parts and decals from Platz to get a Night Attack version and put over an amphib group made of ships in 1/6000 scale. Before that came this little Sweet A-6M with Shelf Oddity decals And something I did not finish for the Tomcat GB: Revell F-14A and TripleNuts F-4
  10. 2021 worked out to be a great modeling year for me. 17 finished kits, all in 144 scale vs. 19 purchased and 29 sold kits...so the stash got reduced to a little below 300 kits and currently there ain`t too many interesting new subjects on the horizon so let us see how 2022 works out. Last of the year: A Nasa Starfighter, Revell Kit, Decals from Rocketeer and Rose Ridge: X-31, 3D printed from FoxOne
  11. Definitely in for that one...Hustler next? Please?
  12. Mr Surfacer 500, light sand, then a coat of bright white and use a black fineliner along the edges to mimic the black coating.
  13. Woho...finally gonna build this thing..kept it in the stash for too long waiting for useable decals.
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