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  1. Indeed. The guy is either way out of touch, or super arrogant.
  2. Not much. See the "Towering Inferno" mission flown during the AIMVAL/ACEVAL trials in 1977, so named because all the combatants were killed. Four F-15's launched ACMI simulated AIM-7's at four F-5's. The need to keep a lock for the semi-active homing AIM-7 drew the F-15's within range of the AIM-9L the F-5's had. All of the F-5's were shot down, but not before they all launched simulated AIM-9L shots that killed the F-15's.
  3. Yes, because that is all every facebook user ever does. . . . :)
  4. You know there is a middle ground right? About the biggest thing I use my personal smartphone for is texting or messaging to enable in person socialising or activity, or for socialising with those same people on-line. I have a work smartphone and a personal one, and they make running both aspects of my life a lot easier, since I am mobile a lot in both. They don't do anything I didn't used to do the old fashioned way, they just save a tonne of faff, and in emergencies or disasters (like say the recent earthquakes we have been having in NZ) they are incredibly useful. Smartphones are
  5. You know I was at my daughter's swimming lessons awhile back and looked around and thought the same thing. Then I thought about my own lessons in the same pool thirty years previously and realised I was BS'ing myself. Back then everyone was reading the evening paper or a magazine or gossiping and paying about the same amount of attention :)
  6. NZ Magpies can be just as aggressive (also immortalised in the form of "Pew" in the Footrot Flats comic strip in the 70's and 80's). I haven't had the pleasure of being attacked while put and about, but know people who have, and keep a wary eye on them whenever they are around. I saw a pair of magpies have a go at a seagull once. It looked like something out of Top Gun. Alternating high speed passes and wing-overs on the straight and level seagull trying to get out of dodge.
  7. Given none of the NZ Olympians got drunk and went out and vandalised stuff in the expectation they would get away with it and then came up with a whole bunch of lies to cover their arses when they didn't, objectively I'd say they are ahead of the game in the "good people" department compared to Lochte et al :)
  8. On that note, in the more meaningful medal count: http://www.medalspercapita.com/ Go NZ :) This piece is Australian, but provides some interesting ways of assessing medal performance. I'm of the view that even making an olympics or olympic final is a great achievement, winning a medal no matter the colour even more so.
  9. This. And saying "oh they worked really hard for those medals and won/earned them in the pool" reminds me of the consequences are for other people if you perform jock culture that gave us Steubenville and Brock Turner (and which happens here in NZ too before anyone says I'm anti american). These guys knew what they were doing, and were entitled enough to think they would get away with it. Losing their medals should definitely be considered, "pour encourager les autres" if for nothing else.
  10. On that note, what exactly was going on with the Wallabies last night? Not gloating, genuinely curious. They may as well not have been there for most of the game, and I was expecting a closer contest. Or maybe the AB's management fed the bug in their room a few days worth of disinfo before reporting it? :)
  11. As of this morning it's NZ's best ever Olympics. If it's Olympic sport I'll watch it :)
  12. In NZ at least the intermission for ROTJ was right after the Rebel shuttle landed on Endor. Screen goes red, lights come up and all the kids dash to be first in the queue for lollies. I'm not sure when intermissions on regular features stopped, but it was in the late 80's. The last things I saw with an intermission were the Director's Cut of Das Boot and Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet in the late 1990's, both of which went well over the three hour mark. I don't recall Titanic having one in the same era though.
  13. Assumptions based on what was seen in the movie and the original trilogy it references, and I don't think there is anything wrong with that - this is part one of a trilogy and I like that there are unanswered questions and set ups for the next installments. We seem to be getting into an era where for some viewers if something isn't explicitly and clunkily explained visually on screen or by otherwise unnecessary dialogue it's a "plot hole" and therefore "bad".
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