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  1. The paracord is how they stabilize the weapon. It is the most common way to do it, at least from the "super sniper dudes" I've talked to. I am not a super sniper dude, so, I rely on what they tell me. I'd guess that, from that steep angle of the wood and rifle (while not in flight), they were way above the target, or in a decent orbit.
  2. Talking with my coworker, there are a lot of differences. Mostly avionics, but, some others. But don't worry, he will definitely talk Chinooks at any point in the conversation. (hopefully I will get him in the forum so he will see my ribbing him).
  3. My coworker is a D and F model guy. I'd be happy to ask if he would be interested in adding to the kit. He may know "a little" about both.
  4. Yeah. Interestingly, the Cyclic is removable and is connected electrically, but, the collective is still a physical connection. The operation is automatically reversed for the guy flying from the back. I missed the Skycrane leaving this morning, and I am bummed about it. But, I gleaned a lot of info from them while they were here.
  5. That is a freaking great idea. I love WHIF's. I was talking to the Sky Crane pilot today, and to further back up what he said the other day, he said they rarely had any pods at all. Almost always were hoisting loads or slinging them. Very interesting helo, as they would have THREE pilots onboard.
  6. Ooh, that youtube video was good stuff. It is weird that I saw this post Friday night, looked around the internet for a couple hours for the heck of it, then Saturday a HTS Skycrane came to my local airport for temporary base ops. Great group of guys. One of the pilots flew in 'Nam, and I mentioned the Medical Pod. He said he didn't think he ever saw it deployed, aka super rare. This was an interesting rabbit hole to go down. Learned an awful lot about the S-64 in the last few days. Hopefully the OP will be happy with some info here.
  7. Looked around for a bit. So far, just found this cutaway drawing of how litters would be set up. Scroll down the page a bit. https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/policy/army/fm/55-450-2/Ch1.htm May not be a bad idea to contact Sikorsky here: https://www.sikorskyarchives.com/S-64_Product_History modX.php
  8. Not former Army, but, I believe the quality points were all earned in Tinder. Maybe Grinder (Grindr)?
  9. Wait, are you saying the helo was a 'nam veteran with the "Miss Behavin'" nose art, BEFORE it belonged to Canada? I would like to know more, but, I am too lazy to look into it. Also, I spent all day in the heat of Alabama today, and am about to do the same tomorrow.....so, I appreciate any info. That being said, I'll be flying an OH-58 tomorrow that is older than me, and that my father may have flown. Good times. I like flying it more than the TH-67.
  10. I'm afraid not. I am in the same boat though, I misplaced the turbine out of the kit I started. I'll find it eventually I suppose.
  11. That being said, I approached the subject honestly. I said I would pay for the part and shipping. And why I was looking for the part. I'm looking for the part because one of my TH-67's is outfitted with a TrakkaBeam light. I have two 32nd Revell 206 kits in my stash. I'd like to try my hand at making our TH-67 (with the trakkabeam installed) to sit in our office. We have two TH-67's and one OH-58 currently flying. The 67's paint scheme is going to be a challenge for me, but, one I want to take on. I'm not saying you are wrong MProwler. I think that many people take advant
  12. Not a bad idea Ollie. I'll drop them a line. Still haven't had time to check the 3D printed market, but, I'll do that today.
  13. Hi all. I was wondering if anyone made a searchlight like the trakkabeam. The Revell H145 Polizei 32nd kit has one, but, I don't need an entire kit just for the light. Really, any searchlight for that matter, but, my agency has a trakka on one bird. We have two non-flying birds that were given to us that have nightsuns on them, which is why I'd go for just about any option. If you aren't familiar with it, here is a link with some reference installation pics. https://trakkasystems.com/trakkabeam-installations/ If anyone has one from that kit that they don't wa
  14. So, 3D printing is the thing now? I'd imagine so. I've got some high-gear for a 32nd 206 that seem strong and look decent. No doubt that you will get your gear worked out.
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