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  1. BrittMac

    LF the 1/48 CH-47A. Can the F version be used?

    ACH-47A 1/48. Italeri kit 2647. I don't know if the "Armed Version" will work, but, let me know if it does. It'll take me a min to confirm the P/E though. Should be in my workdesk. PM me your email and I will send you a pic of the box, still sealed.
  2. BrittMac

    LF the 1/48 CH-47A. Can the F version be used?

    Are you in the U.S.? I've got a kit (kit P/E I think) that I doubt I'll ever build. Shipping would be stupidly high outside of the U.S.. And maybe a PITA.
  3. BrittMac

    1/48 Jet Ranger Bubble Windows

    Interesting question. I've never seen any. However, I am not the authority on modeling like some of these guys are. I'd like to find better window myself, so I will keep my eye on this. Though, if history remains true, there will be little love for the 206/Kiowa.
  4. BrittMac

    No love for OH-58A

    Well, I don't have excess kits, but, I did post a link to where I got the high skids for the 32nd kit.
  5. BrittMac

    No love for OH-58A

    Hajo, I am not sure if that is the right person. But, I did just look it up. http://www.heli-scale-quality.com/ is where I got it. Bravo, just let me know if you need any other reference pics. I may PM you my email if you don't mind linking me up with those guys. I like having a network of other helo guys.
  6. BrittMac

    No love for OH-58A

    I've got a couple of the Revell 32nd kits. You can get high skids from a guy in Europe that makes them for R/C helos in 32nd. They are 3d printed and look good. He was also good to deal with (if only I had a link to them!). If you need any reference shots, let me know. I have two OH-58A's (upgraded later) that are taken apart, and three OH-58C's in the hangar. The C's have a different panel, which is the main difference interior-wise. External, the only differences are antenna locations. Also, do you have contact info for the Sheriff's Office guys?
  7. Ok, found a couple pics. So, I don't have a pic hosting site that I use anymore. Tank, or anyone, feel free to PM me your email and I will shoot those to you.
  8. I will look and see if I have any on my phone. If not, I'll try and remember to get some tomorrow.
  9. The two parts birds are interesting. One is 70-16936 and the other is 70-15336. Both birds are kinda interesting. Both OH-58s are grey. I grew up around Rucker and such and never saw a grey Army helo. Well, these are both grey. Both, as it turns out, were loaned out. They had some interesting times I am sure.
  10. We have 71-20549, 69-16176, and and 72-21176, of which only 549 is currently flying. The other two are almost airworthy, but, some components are due for OH. I'll have to get the numbers off of the two parts birds tomorrow unless I can scroll through a million pics to find them today.
  11. Sounds interesting. I don't know enough about it to know what a Gold Book is. Tell me more. I have 5 OH-58's that I am around weekly (two are parts birds now, and two are close, but not airworthy). I can look at records for two or three of them.
  12. BrittMac

    Operation Gothic Serpent Aircraft references

    Just use an image hosting site. Take your pick of them.
  13. BrittMac

    New tooled 1/35th scale AH-1Z

    If you translate the page, it says unfortunately there is no engine. But, I doubt that will hold you back.