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  1. No Ali, I'm just an old fighter pilot now with lots of boring stories - but they're good stories!! Good luck, I assume you'd like to fly a Pakistani Viper some day by the looks of your avatar. Where are you in the quest to getting your wings? It's a tough road but well worthwhile!! Cheers my friend!!!
  2. Great pencil work Ali. superb detail and very "clean" drawings as well. Don't be afraid to transfer 'em onto some canvas or masonite and give the painting thing a whirl - you'll get right into it. i put it off for years doing nothing but pencil and colored pencil. If i can do it anyone can - keep up the good work!! MaGoo www.fox3art.com
  3. Hey all, Just finished this oil painting depicting Lt Col Dale Zelko's F-117 under the callsign VEGA 31 coming off a successful bomb run about to be hacked out of the night sky by a Serbian modified SA-3 SAM during Operation Allied Force in 1999. The second one in the distance is actually the one that got him - the first one didn't fuze as it blew by at Mach 3.5 or so. Dale did a super job evading Serbian patrols for 8 hours before a massive Allied/USAF Combat SAR effort was able to daringly pluck him out of enemy territory in the dead of night in lousy weather. I presented it to him personal
  4. Thanks Ken! Hope all is well. I like your latest version of "Lethal Lady". I had no idea "TJ" was a full Colonel now, that's good to see. Great guy, a T-38 FAIP , he was in my AT-38B Fighter Lead In class at Holloman way back in spring of '89. I believe that makes me officially old.
  5. Thanks Bill, I was afraid it might get lost as well, but some of the detail from the cockpit and rear fuselage made it "pop" out a bit fortunately as you said. Not sure what's next, i've been mulling over trying oils for some time. I think i'll kick the kids back into school and retreat to the attic to have a go at it. Been kicking around a composition in my head showing a Battle of Britain Hurricane returning to Hawkinge in early evening by way of a "flat-hatting" of a local pub where all the pilot's squadronmates have already headed thinking he was missing in action (when in fact he dive
  6. Thanks guys! Yeah I was afraid the blue camo would get "lost" in the ocean background, but it seems to "pop" enough with the details of the cockpit area and black paint on the after fuselage. It does show how it's fairly effective over water though.
  7. Howdy all, Finished this 20x30 acrylic on masonite painting last week for VFC-12, the first print is being presented to their outgoing Skipper at a change of command party tonite. The Skipper's "AMBUSH 1" is rolling in on a JG-74 "Molders" MiG-29A over Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas some 75 miles west of Key West Naval Air Station during a 1 v 1 training hop. The Germans rolled thru town there a few years back as part of their US "Fulcrum Farewell" Tour. Any and all comments/crits welcome. You can read more on my site fox3art. (These are bigger images than I can load on my site!)
  8. Ah, Phantoms, SLUFs, and Vigies all in fantastic paint schemes - beautiful work!!!
  9. Artwork, Thanks so much - I love your air wing profiles - really cool way of displaying and selling your work!!
  10. Thanks Ken - how goes it? Just back from a great trip to London for a week. Pete Wenman took me on a Battle of Britain tour of Kent - it was fabulous. Hope all is well. Cheers, Mike
  11. Howdy gents!! Here's my latest effort, a commission by the officers of VFA-146 for their outgoing skipper. He had a memorable mission in Afghanistan where he had to do some strafing of the bad guys in "technical" pick-up trucks, thus the long plume of dust and debris kicked up by his 20mm vulcan cannon. The fire is from a previous dive bombing pass. You can view the full back story on my website www.fox3art.com And a closeup of the cockpit area
  12. Thanks Ken, it was challenging to get right, glad you like it!
  13. Thanks gents - Neu, your Prowler looks great!!
  14. Howdy all, Just cranked out a new 26x30 acrylic painting commissioned by the officers of the VFA-204 "River Rattlers" as a gift for their outgoing skipper. The Hornet is getting the better of a 122nd Fighter Squadron F-15 of the Louisiana Air National Guard. Both units are stationed at Joint Reserve Base New Orleans, thus it's a mini "Battle of New Orleans" and a friendly joust for base braggin' rights. Here's the whole painting and a few zoom-ins of the details. More info and back story on my site fox3art. Hope you all like it - let me know what you think.
  15. Barrett, Here is the finished 24x30 painting I did of LT Garry Weigand and LTJg Freckleton's MiG-17 kill. The original is now hanging in the Sundowner Key West ready room and Garry has print #1, Farkle #2. Phone interviews with Garry helped me to "get it right", and e-mail correspondence with Farkle provided invaluable info as well (note the chaff door open above left engine). I was happy to find that they're both very pleased with it as an accurate reconstruction of the events of that April day in 1972. I have also done a Sundowner F-5N as a commission for the unit, it hangs in their Key
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