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  1. I would like to see NASA planes in 1/72. Not only experimental planes but any of the famous operational aircrafts that have been wearing NASA or NACA markings back on their development. I would also like to see decals for the YF-22A and YF-117A prototypes. Or decals for some grey F-117A's.
  2. Hello fellow modellers. Would you fund any of these projects? https://goo.gl/forms/1xp47Je3sBjY359F2 Please answer these 6 questions. Survey is Anonymous. Thanks.
  3. Hi i'm looking for what colors should i use for this bird: Modelsvit refers for Hu 63 for the sand, Hu 116 for the green and Hu 65 for the belly. But they all look dark to me. I'm thinking using an akan color for the belly eg https://www.scalemates.com/colors/color.php?id=6711 XF-62 or hu-117 for the green ( https://www.scalemates.com/colors/color.php?id=5602 or https://www.scalemates.com/colors/color.php?id=816 ) and h-71 or h-34 for the sand (https://www.scalemates.com/colors/color.php?id=1458 or https://www.scalemates.com/colors/color.php?id=1399)
  4. So you had more bad time with this build. Not too lucky project. But anyway it looks ok. A little bit annoying silvering on the Vertical Stabilizer, I hope won't be noticeable after later varnishes as you said.
  5. Oups you melted model parts? And now? Looks very good with the flaps details, lovely plane shape too. Blue paint splashed a little bit on the main landing well.
  6. No we all getting the warnings for deceptive site...
  7. source: http://www.f-101voodoo.com/voodoo_rf101c.htm In fact i will use the RF-101C sprues, because i had those already apart! Regarding this review, which is made for the F-101C but it talks for the the RF versions too, i have do a further comparison of the kit with real photos of the plane.
  8. Thanks Grandboof, can you click on the radio button above on the poll section?
  9. I will join this wonderful GB with the RF-101A of Valom in 1/72 Scale. To avoid duplicate entries i chose the A variant. (Ichitoe builds the C variant here) I gathered some information for the plane and some nice photos. I want to thank DKakos for his extra help with the refs. Please help me decide which aircraft to build by voting on the poll. 1. Bare metal RF-101A serial 54-1504 2. Green black experimental RF-101A serial 54-1512 3. Green black experimental, low visibility markings, wrap around RF-101 (unknown) Some info source: http://www.f-101voodoo.com/voodoo_rf101a.htm
  10. Wise selection. You've got a factory there!! So many kits... the good times of brush painting.
  11. Nice presentation so far, thank you for the step by step photos and tips. I have the kit and i may enter the gb with it. The only disappointing thing for me, while inspecting this lovely kit, was that you can not build it in flight mode. I like to make them that way. Kit provides p.e. parts for the gear doors so they don't follow the belly curves they are flat. But they would look very thin for the landed version so i might have it on air with open doors. The intakes p.e should be a challenge indeed. They add a lot to the model. I have the old hasegawa kit too and that section suffers. Valo
  12. Sorry to hear that, i'm wishing you all the best.
  13. Hi, i'm looking for this set too. Or just the decals of a two-seat F-15 with the desert scheme!
  14. I love your hornets Mike, beautifully builded those kits.
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