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  1. Just some pictures of her .... The ancestors .......... and offspring.
  2. Some MiG-21MF, what have not been Pápa AFB in 1994 - and then not anymore .....
  3. Renovated MiG-21bis aircraft and a memorial park for the AFB. Bonus 2 photo, a rare variant of the aircraft, who is still waiting for the fulfillment of destiny.
  4. A nice excursion, the Bad Ischl in Austria I was, in better days ever seen in this collection:
  5. After 13 years the last service to Pápa AFB. The renewal and decorative painting supplies is due in September.
  6. Two pictures..... look forward to more pictures :)
  7. A bit late I have enclosed the few photograph from Ostrava airport on the flight, which originate from one side of the airport:)
  8. Monox


    Besides from Moscow, about 50 km in the Monino city the Eastern Block best-known instruments of exhibition.
  9. Monox


    Moscow - Central Armed Forces Museum. Tanks, howitzers, various military vehicles, fighter aircrafts and a helicopter.
  10. Monox


    Moscow - Hodinka. A long time agolived better days aircraft museum of remains - the city center.
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