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  1. Guys, I found a treasure trove on the MiG-25 that landed in Japan. Check these documents that I found on the National Archives website: Japan - MIG - Incident (1) (fordlibrarymuseum.gov) Japan - MIG - Incident (2) (fordlibrarymuseum.gov) Japan - MIG-25 Incident (3) (fordlibrarymuseum.gov) Japan - MIG - Incident (4) (fordlibrarymuseum.gov) Japan - MIG-25 Incident (5) (fordlibrarymuseum.gov) Japan - MIG-25 Incident (6) (fordlibrarymuseum.gov) Japan - MIG - Incident (7) (fordlibrarymuseum.gov) You have to go through ALL
  2. Kursad, Here is what I found in my files Daniel
  3. Hi, Can we expect a restock of your 1/32 scale A-10 engines intake at SprueBrothers? Dan
  4. Alf, I found my notes about the dimensions/location of the CIT antennas. Here is a rough drawing for the benefit of everyone. Danny
  5. Alf, about the CIT antennas, you are better to check your references, because they are NOT parallel. Daniel
  6. Kursad, Can we still hope to see this F-16 done?
  7. I like the idea!!! Daniel
  8. Even better guys, I found a video on youtube: At 5:45 of the video, you can see it for the first time and further too. Nice video by the way. Daniel
  9. BINGO!!! I found a photo of a Blue Angels Hornet number 8. At page 200 of the new book «Saab 37 Viggen», Nordic Airpower 5 by Jan Jorgensen etc, there is shot of 2 Viggen escorting the Blue Angels in August 1992. We can see the Blues numbers 5,6,7 and 8. 7 and 8 are two-seaters. Wasn't is the tour that took the Blues to Russia back then? Daniel
  10. Lothar, The seats were replaced in December 2010 on 188928 Daniel
  11. Kursad, Can we still expect to see one day the 1/32 scale Lone Star Gunfighter sheet? Daniel
  12. WOW!!! Great scheme, I like it. Any more photos? Daniel
  13. Tony Personaly, I had doubts that they were ever painted in the five olympics colours. I believe there was a photo in the big Mig-21 book by Yefim Gordon, but it looked photoshopped to me. I would be glad to be proven wrong. Daniel
  14. The Blues should paint one of their aircraft in the Beetle Bomb scheme, overall yellow with blue markings. THAT would be neat!!!! Daniel
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