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  1. Thank You Rich, this is what I was waiting for - straight up comparison. A request, and in fairness - a shot of the two bellies would be great.
  2. The ignore it part I agree, the accusation you just made makes you...
  3. Wait, how did you read that as such? Putting someone down? How about we go back and ask why these accusations and aggression for pointing out kit issues? If you don't agree, so be it. On and on...geez
  4. "ZM question" was hoping the Meng kit was more a Tamiya F-4 kit than ZM. You state that I must own these kits to call out what issues I see in posted photos? Did I read that right? Only continued/continuous posting I have done is in response to these odd responses. If you don't see the issues of the areas pointed out GREAT, go enjoy your kit.
  5. Exactly, parts of both are nice. Parts of both are not...
  6. Thank you VERY MUCH for posting Mirage 3! UGH, looks like Mung is no answer to the ZM question. Phooey
  7. Ah, nice there - overcast and rainy here in Everett WA. Likely already filled that gap, but those larger ones I slide a shaped piece of plastic card in there to also add strength. The filling work is looking splendid although it is all work, but going nicely.
  8. I sure agree it does, just not as much as Hasegawa. Sure it surpasses Hase. with modern tooling, but not in shape in areas I listed. Believe me I wish it was perfection, and at the assumed price I think it should be. Buy it, enjoy it - I won't be.
  9. Other views reveal other issues. Many of those mentioned are fixable, but assuming the price of admission, should not need fixing. Some from other views not easily fixed, Rear WSO panel too flat, side view, stab too low for instance. Just not the kit for me, but was asked.
  10. Think it is just from me working them four years at George AFB '87-91 (which I would like to know if decals include the 35/37th or just typical SPang) but just from the front view (BTW, thanks for posting), find the wingtip RHAW ant. misshaped, are slats only as deployed?, upper taper of chin pod larger than chin pod, 370 tanks tilted too much, aft part of splitter top and forward lower angled too much, intake probes located too far down, 600 gal. tank bogus raised details, Nose wheels in too far, oversized antenna behind canopies (canopies themselves quite nice), and toughest to correct, vert
  11. I agree you should press on with it as I see shape/size issues...ugh
  12. Nice to see you givin' the ol' spook a go, and a Guard-ian - good choice. The boxing too since not the earlier dark green plastic. One thing your wing repair pic. pointed out to me I forgot is Monogram festooned the spoilers with giant rivets when they should be for the wedge shaped panel forward of them. One technique I use on these old kits with raised lines everyone moans about is to fine grit sand the entire kit after painting to remove the paint on the lines and get the lines flush with the paint. It's a way to "use" those raised lines to a detail advantage. 👍
  13. I also have the Gen. Horner interview on an old VHS stashed, and yes A-10 has a higher attrition rate naturally from exposure, but it's kill numbers or effect are also more from same exposure. Redundant design brings pilot home, then I apply my ABDR skill. Hope there are more A-10's at station to cover next mission until repairs are done.
  14. Well Thank you for the link, I see I will need to enlarge - reduce the plans and cut - cast my own parts...
  15. Right, or ask any groundpounding grunt or Marine that personally witnessed the burp of death. BTW Jake, finally found replacement 1st issue Modern Hog Guide (thanks to Dave Roof selling) so have pretty much every Reid air book of yours.
  16. Yessir, it is "Flying the A-10 in the Gulf war" by William Smallwood and it does include the two day destruction of Republican Guard that was located by recon North. I replied they not respond until reading above links, doubt they would read the book.
  17. Nice work, what I was looking for. Original issue was a youtube video that "the gun is overrated" and while I will say it is more risky to use than a Mav. it is a weapon no other aircraft has and when used, most effective and efficient - Thanks!
  18. Former Hog crew dog here seeing some state it wasn't actually effective in DS, which I of course wish to disagree, but don't remember statistics, or comparisons. Know where I can find them? Thanks!
  19. Sure we're all about the plastic kits here as am I, which is why I don't know of what WWI balsa kits are out there in 1/18 scale? See, I have a ceiling display of a buncha 1/18 plastic - WWII, some jets 21st Century, Pegasus, etc. but think the balsa kits as WWI would look decent up there too since they look the part anyways. Sopwith, SE.5a, Dr.1 usual stuff. Seen some just say measurement, but know of any 1/18 or close enough? Thanks!
  20. Sure hope it will also include an ALQ-184 & 35th TFW markings. Yes, and retracted slats please...
  21. Ha, never late with such info. when the kit not built yet - confirmation on the presence of NATC on deck which would certainly add color. More good stuff, Thanks!
  22. I third and update comments, he sent all in strong box, packed for protection, AND put smaller items in bigger item boxes as requested - saved me shipping $$. 👍
  23. Wow Larry, knocked it out of the park! Order arrived Very well packed and just as requested to reduce size which saved me shipping $$ and all items clean & well kept - THANK YOU!
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