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  1. Hi Tom - i haven't logged into ARC for a loong time - but thanks for your message and the post here to for the pic it is a wonderful pic!!! i haven't come across any more info on the remco planes - and i haven't gotten back to working on mine i get side tracked easily with plenty of other 1/32 models and converts (just finished a scratchbuilt 1/32 san francisco street car, and planning for a full 1/32 pioneer zephyr train too ... then there is a 1/32 downtown city diorama at approx 16' x 6' ... and on and on) but when i get back to the plane i will certainly post more thanks again for the
  2. thanks for the comments guys i just bought 11 bucks of batteries, wondering if this thing would fire up ... and indeed it works just like new - quite entertaining one motor drives the wheels for taxiing, and front wheels can be turned for varying radius circling, or left straight other motor drives a tab across a toothed gear at high speed creating a ridiculously loud and very jet like whine ... actually hard on the ears !!! neat to clean it up and reawaken it after so many decades Ron
  3. hi all - still know nothing more about the remco 727 - other than that it was possibly available somehow through United Airlines in 1968 mine arrived and is a real beauty and 'master class' in toy engineering for back in the day it is huge and i think scales out very close to 1/32 here are a few pics as it arrived (with a 1/32 man and slot car to give a sense of scale). I think it is a 727 - 100? because of the oval engine cowl up on tail ?? is that correct I have dissassembled since these pics, to satisfy my curiosity of how it comes apart and what is inside :D and to give it an
  4. Hi all, been awhile since i have been on here just posting my effort on the great old hawk kit i am no master modeller but really enjoyed this kit no detailing yet! some reference photos here hawk huskie cheers, Ron
  5. Hi all, it has been nearly a year since i have been on here - at that time i was planning to do a 1/32 sr-71 and still plan to but hadn't gotten it very far before life took over - have been toy consulting for a slot car company and that and the day job have meant many projects other than airplanes for a bit at any rate - i have just purchased a remco 727-100 (i think) jetliner i don't know much at all about these - i think they were offered in the late '60s i think it is very near to 1/32 scale which is what i model (ranges from 1/28 to 1/32 loosely) - at least i hope it is!! it has a
  6. As i mentioned - nothing 'super detailed' but came together really nicely imo - this plane has beautiful lines - am i seeing the 30's art deco influence !? or pure form follows function ... a surprisingly small plane but nice size in 1/32 scale i've since taken pilot name off to leave it a more generic 'what if' - cheers, Ron
  7. Hi, i just built a Williams Bros Caudron racer that i happened across the other day - i am by no means an experienced modeller and i must admit the Caudron went together very nicely with relative ease (of course i wasn't worried about super detailing it to historical accuracy) - i thought it was well detailed and the fit was very good too. If anyone is interested i can post a couple of pics. regards, Ron
  8. sorry i posted the one with the pic twice this edit is just deleting it also, for anyone interested - at my blog i have a post showing the 105 heli in the image, as well as a post on my matchbox sea venom Ron
  9. thanks cessna - i am having fun with the airplanes and learning alot as i go too i started with 1/32 slot cars - and have dozens of them from the sixties - but also love trains and planes ... and am working on projects of all types for my future 1/32 'diorama' / layout i picked up a williams caudron racer today locally and had fun this evening working on it - another simple but nice kit cheers, Ron
  10. hi all i posted this in the classic aviation section - but figured i would link it here as some of you may be able to offer some good advice thanks, Ron hobby craft fokker dr1 and nieuport 17 in 1/32
  11. Hi all - as the topic title suggests - i have just begun to 'learn' about modelling airplanes - here are a couple of links to the first two i have done since i was about 7 yrs old - originally posted on a 1/32 slot car blog that i run - i am currently doing up pieces for a larger race diorama / slot track - and jumped at the opportunity to add some airplanes for a nearby 'air show' - also in the works a large 1/32 train back drop with a hudson steam locomotive and a series of auto carrier cars but back to the planes - forgive my historical 'inaccuracies' - i like to keep the 'vintage toy fee
  12. Thanks Mike - it will likely move slowly but i will be sure to post progress as it happens - in just a few days of reading others posts i have already gained a bit of confidence and learnt alot (zacto has demystified the whole scribing panel lines process - now at least it seems like it may be doable! - and so many others also have great 'how to' tips as well). I just purchased some re-mastered drawings of the sr 71 (originals drawn way back when from a chap in California? for a larger rc blackbird) - i likely paid way too much for them - i probably could have sourced them for free somewhere
  13. thanks for the added info gents i have access to a large format scanner - if i get around to it i will scan the blow up as a hi res pdf - then if anyone else is interested in it as a poster or for a build i could email it to them i am thinking of purchasing some re-mastered rc plans (formers and nacelle patterns) as a starting point too - to scale down will keep you posted Ron
  14. i am currently doing the b25 mitchell by guillows - of all of them it, and i think the dc3? are advertised as 3/8" = 1' (1/32) the others are listed as a bit larger - 1/28 or 1/29 regards, Ron
  15. thanks curt - i will have lots of questions a bit daunting but half the fun is diving in modelling has provided me with many new skills and new knowledge experience as well just started air-brushing about 6 months ago - incredible! just getting into casting parts etc (i did a full ww1 pilot for my 1/32 hobby craft kits - he can slide in and out so i can have ground and in flight dioramas - now am going to play with 'cloning' him in jewellers wax - to see if i prefer over resin ... but that will be another post) will keep you posted - Ron
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