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  1. Shapeways has a Boost Protective Cover and Launch Escape system for both the Dragon 1/48th CM and the Revell kit. I have one for the Revell kit and it fits like a glove if you wanted to save some time. I also simply foiled over the CM in my Revell kit due to similar issues with painting. FYI.
  2. Try candylandcrafts.com for the foil coverings. I've got some and the dark gold appears to be a spot on match.
  3. Does anyone know where I might find a bottle or two of the color Zinc Chromate Yellow? I'm painting the Dragon 1/72 Saturn V and I need that color but I cannot find it anywhere. I've found plenty of Zinc Chromate Green, but not yellow. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. I ordered 1/48 scale Apollo Saturn V drawings in March of 2013. Emailed several times. One response about may then nothing.
  5. I'm sorry I should have specified a little better. Don't use the lacquer. Spray Krylon flat. Works like a charm. Smooth as a baby's bottom.
  6. Chuck, I was an Air Force Crash Rescue Firefighter with the 442nd wing at Whiteman AFB Missouri. The 442 flies the A-10. During the time I was there 93/99 I recall the A-10 gear bays all being white. They really stood out from the grey of the aircraft. I think if you use white with the wash you've spoken of it will be fine. Paul
  7. Go to true value hardware and get the Krylon flat white in the large cans. It's about 5 bucks a can and it will take four cans to adequately cover the entire rocket. Paul
  8. I have one of these and I'm working on it now. I can verify that the instructions suck out loud and twice on Sundays. If you get one, you're going to have to do a lot of head scratching to get it right. I don't really care about the inaccuracies, (no nasty comments about that statement please, I know what they are and I can live with them), the kit builds up to a VERY impressive model, but you're going to want to order the aftermarket decals, and a set of drawings from realspace would help as well. Unfortunately, I ordered a set in March and still haven't gotten the drawings. Several emails and still no response.
  9. It's beautiful. They want approximately 453.00 for Apollo 11 and Apollo 13 is a little more expensive. Too rich for me. Unfortunately.
  10. What is the best adhesive to use for attaching bare metal foil, (or any other type of foil), to a plastic kit? I get the basics of how to do it, I just don't know which adhesive to use. Any advice would be deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. Well, all jokes about small nuts aside, I think I would prefer to have the actual bolts to hold something as large as the 1/72 size stack to a base. Hell, it works for the real thing, why not the model?
  12. Guys, For cladding and cover purposes, Candylandcrafts.com in Somerville New Jersey is a candy making supply house. They sell aluminium foil wrappers in 6 inch by 6 inch sheets. 125 sheets to a package for a little over 7 dollars per package. They have foil in all sorts of colors including that orange/gold color that's so hard to replicate for the LM decent stage, plain gold, silver, and black. I ordered one package of each and paid 37 dollars including shipping. They're in the LM book from the Space in Minature series. FYI HTH Paul
  13. Look up the Battle of Leyte Gulf. The US Navy was opposing three Japanses naval forces. Halsey sailed his fleet north and away from a part of the San Bernadino Strait he was assigned to protect, to atttack what he thought was a large Japanese force containing the last Japanese Carriers with the intent of destroying them once and for all. This is the battle that the message; "Where is task force 34, the whole world wonders" was sent to Halsey. hth
  14. Trust me Bill, You're gonna kick yourself if you do not get one of these kits. If you have the refit 1/350, then it's almost mandatory that you get one of these. It's a dream to work on, and it builds up to what I personally believe is the BEST model ever of the Starship USS Enterprise. The debate over whatever anyone else thinks of the panel lines or lack thereof, what the actual color is or anything else that people are debating over about the Enterprise, is moot. This is the one to have. I have the additional parts if you want them. Paul
  15. Tell you what Bill, you get the regular kit that runs for a little over a hundred dollars and I'll send you the parts I didn't use for the first or second pilot model if you want them. Paul
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